Regarding the Existence of God and Aliens
Regarding the Existence of God and Aliens

Regarding the Existence of God and Aliens, Which Is More Logical?

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Regarding the Existence of God and Aliens. Previously, I started my article with a request, so that my writing is read carefully before commenting. Then if you can, please discuss and argue well too.

I think the question which is the title of my article is quite interesting to discuss. Because there are people who believe in the existence of God and argue that the existence of aliens is absurd, illogical. Anyway not logical, just hallucinations! About So.

At the same time there are those who argue that the existence of aliens makes sense, whereas the existence of God is illogical.

Then which group is more logical? Which group makes more sense?

Regarding the Existence of God and Aliens

In my personal opinion, the second group is more logical and makes more sense.

I will try to explain why I think so.

One of the common proofs that are often put forward to prove the existence of God is the universe and its contents. A real proof that is experienced every day and can only be explained by the existence of God.

Who created life? Who created the sun, moon and stars? Who moves the human conscience? Etc.

However, in the past, with the development of science, many things have changed in human understanding of the natural surroundings.

Scientifically speaking, the Theory of Evolution, although it does not explain the problem of how life was created from inorganic matter, but as a theory that explains how species can develop from simple organisms to complex organisms, negates the need for God to explain the process of creation.

Almost all phenomena in nature that were previously argued, meaning that the existence of God needs to exist in order for these phenomena to be explained, have been successfully explained scientifically.

  • The Big Bang Theory for the problem of the creation of the universe, solar system, and other celestial bodies.


  • The theory of evolution expl ains what and how a system of diversity in living things.


  • Psychological theory explains the emergence of a conscience. Etc.

So that I think, there is no scientific argument that can be a solid basis to say that God exists. Although (pay close attention) in my opinion, there is also no scientific argument that can be a solid basis for saying that God does not exist.

What about the existence of aliens? Or extraterrestrials?

If science could explain how life could accidentally form on earth and then through a long process evolved into increasingly complex organisms, without any need for outside interference.

So with the vastness of this universe, it is logically very possible that there are several planets in other solar systems that also undergo the process of forming life.

So on the one hand, there is no scientific evidence or theory that can support the existence of God. On the other hand, although there is no scientific evidence about the existence of aliens, there are scientific theories that support the existence of aliens.

So according to my conclusion, logically, groups that believe in the existence of aliens are more logical than groups that believe in the existence of God.

Regarding the Existence of God and Aliens
Regarding the Existence of God and Aliens

Does that mean we have to stop believing in the existence of God?

I think the answer is no! There is no compelling reason to stop believing in the existence of God.

How can?

Think about it, if humans succeed in explaining and proving the existence of God, won’t that make God the Almighty God descend.

Our failure to prove or explain does not necessarily mean nothing. Young children may not be able to prove and / or understand the Theory of Gravity, that does not mean that the Gravitational Force does not exist. Young children cannot understand and prove the existence of a universal speed limit or the speed of light, it does not mean that there is no universal speed limit.

Thus, the failure of human attempts to explain God in a logical manner does not prove that God does not exist.

That is also why, man’s approach to God is through faith, not through logic. Faith means believing even if you don’t see the evidence.

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That’s all from my warm greetings, I hope this article provokes a healthy discussion. If there is a word that is wrong, please forgive.

If your heart is hot because you only see the title and are lazy to read, what can I do? It doesn’t matter, if I apologize it’s useless, because you didn’t read my apology either.

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  1. “I think there is no scientific argument that can be a solid basis to say that God exists”.. Yes there is — provided we use “scientific” to mean logical. The feeling of pleasure, pain, excitement, dread, and simply “being” is empirical and yet there is no scientific logic that can explain it except for philosophy that encompasses the metaphysical which in turn means anything is probable, including God. As for aliens, there is no established empirical evidence except some fuzzy pictures and poor quality witness statements — that is further evidence of a God in that our existence, mathematically and statistically, should be knee deep in aliens — but the fact that we are not is simply too exceptional to be without a metaphysical explanation. This proves there could and should be a god, but what proves there is one? Probably too much for this little text box.

  2. It’s a compelling argument here. I thank you for sharing your thoughts. I would agree that the existence of Alien life is more provable then that of God. Facts vs Feelings. I, also, agree that because of the lack of evidence that there’s a God, does in no way mean the God doesn’t exist and to not believe in such a thing. This article can lead to deep drive into the question. It’s good starting point. 🙂

  3. I am with Lloyd O’Day on this one. There is too much structure in the universe to lend itself to random chance and much of it is still beyond our understanding. The theory of evolution also has many holes in its logic about simple organisms evolving into complex ones or different species altogether. There is plenty of evidence of adaptation within species, but a frog is always a frog, an ape is always an ape. There is practically no evidence regarding a species becoming another. The mysterious jumps in the fossil record from one species to another flies in the face of evolutional theory. And if you leave it to random chance, entropy would work against inorganic matter or primordial soup becoming more complex than itself. There would have to be a source of sustained energy for one thing, and for that complex molecule to remain stable an not devolve to its previous state is very improbable. It would require a giant leap of faith if you like 😉 for extraterrestrial life, there is absolutely nothing to date that proves the existence of life beyond our existence. Still waiting on that one.. 😉

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