About Genius and Creativity
About Genius and Creativity

About Genius and Creativity

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So far, we know that a human genius is a human who has a high IQ, at least around 140. However, there are actually many different definitions of this genius problem.

Some say that all geniuses have a lot of magnum opus work, and some say that genius lies in their creative abilities.

At least Richard Feynman, a genius physicist, once said that the traits of genius lie at the level of creativity. Meanwhile, the philosopher of Enlightenment Imannuel Kant said that genius is when we print many original works.

The definition of genius is broad, but if you look at the data, on average everyone who is called a genius has many works. Written works, pictures, music, technology, and so on.

The majority of geniuses are also figures with unyielding characters. Despite thousands of failures, a genus will continue to change things.

Thomas Alfa Edison, Nikola Tesla, Elon Musk are examples of geniuses who never give up. It’s not clear what their IQ is, but they are people who don’t give up on innovation or invention.

Richard Feynman, a genius physicist, once admitted that his IQ was only around 120, but Feynman was a physicist who was a genius and a great explanation.

Feynman also has many works, from physics, poetry, sketches and so on.

Meanwhile, Steve Jobs through Apple said that a genius is a person who thinks differently and wants to change things according to his idealistic conditions.

Not all geniuses change the world, but all world changers are geniuses.

If we look closely, geniuses also have something in common, namely that they use their intuition and imagination in their work.

At least Feynman, Einstein, and Steve Jobs have a quote about the use of intuition in publishing their master’s work.

Geniuses usually also have anti-establishment traits so they are usually rebellious.

They were geniuses whose energy was enormous to change things.

Jenius is also inspiring and with great energy he is very productive in his work. Geniuses also approach insanity to change everything.

In short, there is a common thread between genius and creative ability, geniuses usually have many original creative works.

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