The Dead Sea Is Not The Sea
The Dead Sea Is Not The Sea

The Dead Sea Is Not The Sea

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The Dead Sea Is Not The Sea. Are there any of you who are still afraid of drowning while swimming? Surely this is quite a frightening phobia.

If you are afraid of drowning while swimming, but want to try swimming, don’t be afraid just yet.

The reason is, there is an ocean that can make people who swim in it not drown, even though they cannot swim. Yes, the name of this sea is the Dead Sea.

The dead sea is one of the world’s uniqueness. This sea is located between the borders of Jordan, Israel and Palestine.

The thing that is famously unique about the existence of this sea is why everyone who swims there cannot drown, even though that person is not good at swimming. I wonder why? Come on, we both find out.

About The Dead Sea Not The Sea But Lake

Most people call this place the sea, because it lies between the land, like the sea in general.

In fact, the sea which has another name This Salt Sea is not a sea, but a Hypersaline lake.

Hypersaline means water that has a salt content above thirty-five grams per liter.

This lake certainly has a very high salt content, when compared to other sea’s in general.

At about fifty kilometers long and fifteen kilometers wide, the salt content in it is eight times saltier than the average sea.

This can happen because the surrounding lake is limited by land, so it only receives water from outside such as rainwater.

The water in this lake is also trapped and does not flow anywhere, causing the salt content in it to increase.

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The Dead Sea Is So Salty That There Is No Life

With a very high salt content, this lake called the sea is finally lifeless.

Neither aquatic plants nor aquatic animals can live in water conditions that are too salty.

However, some types of microbes such as fungi and bacteria can still survive in these extreme waters.

Not only for marine animals and plants, these extremely salty waters are also dangerous for humans.

Drinking salt water can harm the kidneys and heart, even make it stop.

This is also one of the reasons why this sea is called the Dead Sea, because there is almost no life in it.

About the Dead Sea is the Lowest Point of Earth

The uniqueness of this Hypersaline lake called the Dead Sea is not only because it can make anyone who swims in it float, but this place is also the lowest point on earth.

It lies one thousand three hundred feet below sea level to the shore, with a depth of two thousand three hundred feet below sea level. Thus, this place is the lowest point in the world.

About Healthy Mud Baths

Until now, there are still many people from various countries who visit the Dead Sea and not just for a vacation.

Around this very salty sea area there is mud with ingredients that can nourish the skin.

High salt levels actually have benefits for humans, namely that they can cure several skin diseases, such as acne and itching.

The mud around this location also contains Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium which can nourish the skin. So I want to swim in the Dead Sea, so that I have naturally healthy skin.

Tip: Make sure to swim on your back

This is done so that you avoid the very salty sea water that can be swallowed by you.

If we swim in the opposite position, then this sea water can be drunk in large quantities.

The composition of the dead sea contained Hydrochloric acid in this sea, can’t make you move much, or you can freely talk to friends.

If taken in large quantities, this salt content can damage the kidneys and heart, and even make it stop.


It turns out that the dead sea, which has always looked like a beautiful sea, is not the sea, but a lake with a very high salt content.

Therefore, those of you who want to swim there must be careful and don’t let the sea water be drunk by you.

Thus the story this time, about the dead sea which is not the sea. Increase our knowledge today.

Don’t forget to keep updating other interesting stories only on Ansley Livy’s blog. see you again in the next article.

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