City At The Core Of The Earth: Agartha
City At The Core Of The Earth: Agartha

City At The Core Of The Earth: Agartha

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City At The Core Of The Earth: Agartha. About Agartha is a city that has a very advanced civilization, a very perfect population, very high knowledge, unlimited natural wealth.

So perfect for civilization as if it lacked a single flaw. Many say that the townspeople don’t want anyone to know where they are for one reason or another.

About the Hollow Earth Theory

The hollow earth theory was introduced in 1692 by E Halley. E Halley found this theory from his research that there is a change in magnetic longitude, the first time he started to put forward the theory.

This theory includes controversial theories such as the theory that the earth is flat, not round.

However, there are some people who believe in this theory because we know that the core of the earth has a fire which is liquid and very hot. It makes sense to attribute it to that.

But he also revealed that cavities can also support life in them. There are many pros and cons in this theory, one of which is J C Symmes, Jr. who believe that the earth theory is hollow.

He said access to the place was at the North and South Poles, many people did not believe it made his expedition unsupported.

He never gave up fighting for it all until the end of his life which was later passed on by his students and sons.

Is it the Capital of Agartha? Maybe Shangri-La or Shambala

In the story, Shangri-La or Shambala is said to be the capital of Agharta.

Because this place has a condition of life that is close to the word perfect with a being in it that has wisdom and immortality.

This fits the description of the city of Agartha where beings inhabit the perfect city with perfect living conditions as well.

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About The Road To Agartha, The Earth’s Core City

There are many roads leading to the city of Agartha, but the most famous and trusted are the North and South Poles.

The following is a list of places that can be the way to the City of Agartha, which are as follows:

  • Himalayas, Tibet
  • Manaus, Brazil
  • Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, United States
  • Mount Epomeo, Italy
  • Pyramids of Giza
  • Mount Shasta, California, and many more

Whoever makes it in can’t get out again

There is news that some Nazi soldiers during the second world war era managed to find Agartha when they were about to build a base at the North Pole.

Managed to enter but did not return to the surface because there was no desire from those who decided to leave the place. I don’t know what they got in town.

One of the successful soldiers, named K Unger, sent a letter to his partner. The other Nazi soldiers did not want to leave the place. He also felt sorry for life on the surface since the fall of Germany during the Second World War.


The city of Agartha is still a mystery in this world, so many theories have been put forward about the city.

This world holds so many unknown mysteries, so many that it makes everyone ask what exactly is on this earth.

For those of you who are curious about other mystery stories, don’t forget to keep visiting the Ansley Livy Blog to find out more about mystery stories in the world.

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