What If Water Disappears from Earth?
What If Water Disappears from Earth?

What If Water Disappears from Earth?

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What If Water Disappears from Earth? How much water did you drink today? What if we don’t drink for one day? It feels like this throat is very dry, right, you can even get sick.

Water is indeed a natural element that is very important for human survival on this earth.

Various activities that occur on this earth, whether carried out by humans, animals or plants, will always need water.

Starting from bathing, cooking, washing clothes, watering plants so they don’t die, and so on.

The problem is, in some places it is sometimes difficult to find our friends in other countries.

How would it feel, if the Water that was on our Earth suddenly disappeared so that all of us as inhabitants of the Earth completely lost this natural element.

Come see the full story of my writing below:

Earth Will Be Very Hot

The hot weather that is sometimes experienced by the inhabitants of the earth sometimes makes us want to immediately rain from the sky.

The goal is that this heat is lost and becomes cold. However, what happens if Water disappears from Earth? Then the earth will get very hot.

If the water completely disappeared, the earth’s oceans would dry up and this is what makes the earth hot.

Usually the ocean is one of the storage places for carbon and carbon dioxide in the world.

If this happens, this carbon dioxide gas will be retained by sea water and rise into the air, trapping it in the earth’s atmosphere.

This will create a greenhouse effect which makes the earth’s temperature warmer. Earth may be red like Planet Mars.

There are changes on the earth

In general, the Earth appears to have a green color from the plants in it, then a blue color from the surrounding water and oceans.

If indeed the water on Earth disappears, then these natural colors will change. The earth’s surface may appear more brown and reddish.

It is confirmed that many living beings are in even worse trouble

Living things consisting of humans, animals and plants on Earth, will slowly die because they cannot survive.

Try to imagine from a small thing, when our bodies lack this liquid element, what happens?

We will find it difficult to focus and be active.

Likewise with animals and plants, without water, they will gradually die because they no longer receive water for their survival.

There will be collisions between tectonic plates

Have you ever heard of the term plate tectonics? This is an event where Earth’s lithosphere is shifting massively and occurs naturally.

If these natural elements disappear from Earth, the high mountains of our Earth will lose their water load.

These tectonic plates will collide with each other and rise to the top, caused by the load of liquid objects that usually hold back this tectonic disappearance from Earth. Finally, the plates are no longer flat.

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We Will Also Miss Volcanoes

Water disappearing from Earth also affects the condition of volcanoes on our Earth.

Volcanoes that are normally active will even die and of course no longer emit magma or lava.

This occurs when these natural elements disappear from Earth. This magma is usually formed in the presence of liquid.

About Can We Make Water?

As modern humans, sometimes we think that we can create anything as an alternative to the existing problem.

Like if we lost this liquid on Earth, would we be able to make it?

In theory we might be able to create Water, but that would be very complicated to do.

Although this natural element only consists of two elements, the mixing process will be very, very difficult.

Maybe Humans can make this liquid element by igniting it, but the impact will be very dangerous and can even make an explosion, especially if the natural element is made in very large quantities.

Even in modern technology, large quantities of water are still being produced.


It turns out that if the Earth were without these natural elements, living things on Earth would experience a severe deficiency of these natural elements and affect their survival.

What we can do now is use these natural elements more efficiently.

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