Is Rain On Other Planets Different From On Earth?
Is Rain On Other Planets Different From On Earth?

Is Rain On Other Planets Different From On Earth?

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Is Rain On Other Planets Different From On Earth? Have you ever imagined, what if it rains on another planet? Is rain the same or different from water on Earth?

do you mean the rain that falls is water or is it even raining stones?

About Rain on the Planet Mercury

The temperature on this planet is so hot that there is no life there.

The heat above Mercury’s surface can reach Eighty Fahrenheit during the day, and drop to minus 279 Fahrenheit at night.

Its location closest to the Sun makes Mercury’s temperature extremely extreme. That’s why there is no atmosphere on this planet.

So, on Mercury there are never clouds, storms or rain. There are only hot and cold temperatures.

About Rain on the Planet Venus

In terms of size, composition and mass, Venus is very similar to Earth. But for the problem of the atmosphere, this planet is notoriously extreme.

The atmosphere of Venus is made up of 96.5 percent carbon dioxide and the rest is nitrogen.

Because there is too much CO2, Venus is actually hotter than Mercury, which is closer to the sun.

The atmosphere of Venus consists of fifty to seventy kilometers of clouds followed by a fog of Thirty kilometers.

Only then can a clear sky be found before it hits the surface. There is no rain on the surface of Venus.

However, in the upper atmosphere, sulfuric acid rain occurs. Rain evaporates at an altitude of twenty-five kilometers above the surface of Venus.

Since the Venus cloud contains a lot of acid, thunder and lightning are also common on this planet.

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About Rain on Planet Mars

The planet Mars is believed to have a water source so that it can be a place to live other than on Earth. Is that true?

According to scientists, long ago Mars had a very good atmosphere so that there was water that could flow over its surface.

This is supported by evidence of former river flows that have been found on Mars.

However, Mars is known as a very barren and dusty planet.

The entire surface of Mars is covered in dust, making it impossible for humans to inhabit.

The composition of the planet Mars itself consists of Ninety-five point 32 percent carbon dioxide and the rest is nitrogen and carbon monoxide.

The amount of water and oxygen on Mars is very small. On the planet Mars there are frequent giant sandstorms.

Sometimes Mars also experiences snowfall. But snow on Mars is made of carbon dioxide, not water. The ice that covers Mars’ north and south poles is not made of water, but carbon dioxide.

About Rain on Planet Jupiter and Saturn

It is impossible to find life on both planets because they are too far from the sun.

According to scientists, the rain that falls on Jupiter and the planet Saturn is rain of diamonds.

Diamonds are formed by heating carbon under high compression.

On Earth alone, diamonds form a hundred miles below the surface.

Volcanic magma brings diamonds closer to the surface, which are then used as jewelry.

The atmospheres on Jupiter and Saturn lead scientists to believe that the temperature there is strong enough to form diamonds.

It is estimated that the number of diamonds that fall on the two planets is up to four million kilograms per year. This diamond rain also occurs on Uranus and Neptune.

About Rain on the Titan Satellite

Apart from the o ther eight major planets, there are many smaller planets in the solar system. This small planet is usually a moon or satellite for other planets or their parent planets.

The atmosphere on this planet is very dense and there is no liquid surface at all. The rain that occurs on this planet is methane rain.

Apart from Earth, Titan is the only place in the universe where it rains with water.


Rain on the planets in the solar system is very unique and varied, from planets that are completely dry to no rain, to planets with sulfur rain.

Really this universe makes us confused and curious. Now, what do you think about rain on other planets?

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