About the Cyborg Human Future
About the Cyborg Human Future

About the Cyborg Human Future

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About the Cyborg Human Future. The development of technology in the world of Artificial Intelligence is currently very massive. Humans are capable of creating various technological leaps.

Even though it is often predicted by researchers, this big leap has turned out to be very beneficial for humans. This great leap in the development of technology is called a cyborg.

Cyborgs in movies are often depicted as destroyers of life on earth. As is often played on our television screens, for example Terminator and many other titles.

Of course this can cause concern. Will the development of Artificial Intelligence be that bad?

Of course, it depends on how humans view Artificial Intelligence.

If you see it as a tool of mass destruction and a tool of war, humans will only be disappointed. Cyborgs will become enemies of humans.

However, the meaning is different if humans create it as a tool for the benefit of life. The existence of cyborgs will greatly help mankind.

Cyborgs will become part of human history in the development of Artificial Intelligence. Undeniably, cyborgs and the human future are deeply bound.

About Cyborg

Cyborg itself comes from bionics. Namely, the tools used to replace the physiological structure of the body can be interpreted as organs, using electronic and mechanical components.

Whereas Cyborg means a creature that combines real body parts with inorganic parts. An example is people with bionic ears.

The definition of bionics is very broad. Bionics are not just electronic devices with superhuman abilities. In fact, glasses as props can be said to be bionic.

Because glasses help humans replace sensory functions that are not optimal. Another example is a cell phone that can help humans record data in memory.

Humans create bionics to make it easier for humans with imperfect bodies. For example, someone who lost the calves in both legs after an accident.

Then, he created his bionic leg to continue his day-to-day activities.

Not only used as a body aid. Bionics were even developed for animals so they could create animal cyborgs.

A Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has created electronic chips, detectors and processors that can be attached to insects’ bodies.

Later, this tool is useful for spying on enemies. It turned out that the cyborg animal was used as a tool of war.

Insects with chips can make it easier for soldiers and intelligence officers to pry through data like professional humans. Like eavesdropping and sending information to humans.

Today humans continue to create bionics that are perfect for survival. The goal to be aimed at is the creation of a two-way wave connection between the brain and a computer that can read our brains.

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What is the Future of Humans with Cyborgs?

Many predict cyborgs and the future of humanity will be just like what happened in the movies. This revival of Artificial Intelligence is making a tremendous leap in the future of humanity.

Some even say that humans will disappear and be replaced with cyborgs.

The mention of a new era with the emergence of cyborgs, begins with their ability to have awareness of their own.

However, cyborgs will become beings that are fundamentally different from humans psychologically. It’s just that the ability to process data and matters relating to the kinesthetic and logical work systems are similar.

With Artificial Intelligence, cyborgs have abilities that far exceed the capacity of the human brain.

Cyborgs will have independent intelligence. It doesn’t need to be operated by humans. In fact, cyborgs can fill the evolutionary potential of life.

In fact, in a more extreme view, cyborgs will later have the same feeling of protecting the earth. If humans fail to protect the earth from crisis, they will create their own world.

Which will be deadly to humans. Because, cyborg life as a machine, is different from humans as organic creatures.

Other researchers say that the cyborgs that were created didn’t go that far.

Humans will create cyborgs that are much more varied. Humans and cyborgs do not turn humans into Super Powers.

This variation creation is because humans prefer to make various supporting tools rather than powerful tools.


The combination of humans and technology does not make cyborgs a creature that loses its humanity. Technology does not alienate humans from their environment. Cyborgs are not isolated creatures like robots.

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