The King's Obsession for Eternal Life
The King's Obsession for Eternal Life

The King’s Obsession for Eternal Life

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The King’s Obsession for Eternal Life. Emperor Qin Shi Huang was the so-called iron fist and founder of China in the past, ordering him from 221 to 210 BC.

This emperor was known for his prowess in conquering Chinese territory, so great that he was feared by his rivals.

The Great Wall of China is a clear proof of Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s leadership.

The Great Wall of China was created to protect his kingdom because it was rumored that there would be rebels who would fight against Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

So that the construction of the Great Wall of China is so active and takes a lot of casualties in the construction process.

This Chinese emperor was famous for his cruelty because he was able to get rid of anyone who disagreed with his thoughts, for him if all the regions were combined, it would become one thought.

If you have different thoughts, it will be disastrous for you.

However, this great emperor turned out to be afraid of death, a fear so great that logical thinking no longer filled the emperor’s head.

About the Kingdom After Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Death

Emperor Qin Shi Huang knew that death was still approaching him so he came up with a plan.

If indeed he had to die, then in the afterlife Emperor Qin Shi Huang would still be king in that realm.

Because the emperor had great confidence that the rebels would fight against Emperor Qin Shi Huang in the afterlife because of the unification of the six regions by this Chinese emperor.

Out of the decision to build a kingdom for Emperor Qin Shi Huang after this Chinese emperor died.

About seven hundred thousand people built this kingdom, not inferior to the kingdom he currently has, it is very luxurious.

Surrounded by a large number of terracotta troops made of clay, it is estimated that this terracotta troop numbered around eight thousand.

Not only that, the artificial ceiling was made full of jewelry like the night sky. Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s own tomb was overgrown with bushes and trees to trick the people.

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The state of Chinese scientists at that time

Behind the greatness and cruelty of this Chinese Emperor, it turns out that he is very afraid of death.

This fear makes him do various ways in order to live eternally according to his wishes.

At that time, Chinese scientists were gathering to research one thing, namely making a potion of immortality.

Initially these scientists followed the emperor’s wish which was very unlikely to be obtained.

But the results are always so nil so there is no other way of admitting all that is.

Several scientists representing other scientists met with the emperor to inform him that the elixir of immortality was impossible to find, and news of their failure so far.

It wasn’t sadness or whatever the emperor gave him, but the anger and punishment he gave to all the scientists at that time.

The emperor gave the decision to bury the scientists alive as a form of punishment for not finding the elixir of immortality.

A total of four hundred and sixty scientists who were buried alive at that time.

About the Penglai Mountains and the Sacrifice Six thousand virgins

Although these scientists were unable to help Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s ambitions.

Located on Zhifu Island there is someone who knows how to live eternally, that person is named Xu Fu, the Emperor and the troops who directly visit Zhifu Island to meet Xu Fu.

And really Xu Fu promised to give away the secret of immortality but he had to go to the Penglai Mountains.

There is a healer who is a thousand years old and ready to reveal the secret of his immortality. But before that, Xu Fu needed a ship to sail which the emperor was happy to provide.

The long wait for news from Xu Fu bothered the emperor so much that he returned to Zhifu Island. This time Xu Fu reasoned that he was confronted by a sea monster, and the emperor who was running out of patience wanted to join the battle against the sea monster.

The umpteenth time Xu Fu said that he needed the sacrifice of six thousand women who were still virgins as a sacrifice, clearly given by Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

True story, Xu Fu actually knew that the secret of immortality never existed and he decided to run away with six thousand virgin women to the opposite island which is considered Japan today.

About Consuming Mercury Every Day

It would not be Emperor Qin Shi Huang, if he had given up on the immortality he desired. After being tricked by Xu Fu, the emperor ordered the scientists back to give him a medicine that would keep him healthy and strong.

Whatever medicine was given, Emperor Qin Shi Huang would accept it without refusal until he was given mercury to consume every day.

Sure enough, Emperor Qin Shi Huang obeyed the orders of scientists to consume mercury every day without missing anything, even then mercury was called the elixir of immortality.

About the Tunnels and the Grand Palace

About the emperor’s fear of death was so high that a tunnel was eight hundred meters wide and the largest at that time.

Not only tunnels but there are magnificent palaces that inhabit the tunnels so that the emperor is comfortable in the tunnels.

The emperor said that there was someone waiting out there to take the emperor’s life to form such a vast tunnel.

About the Emperor’s Death

In the end humans will meet their end too, that’s what happened to the emperor who had a very big ambition to live forever.

The emperor who was then forty-nine years old, very young, was picked up by death.

Thus it happened, Emperor Qin Shi Huang died from the mercury consumed every day, instead of extending the life but shortening the life of the great emperor.


There are so many people who have the ambition to live forever, without a profession, education, and gender, and the First Emperor of China who has the ambition to live forever.

Everything has been done until he committed atrocities by eliminating the scientists who were ordered to make a potion of immortality.

His ambition turned out to be taking his life through mercury which the emperor consumed every day.

For those who are curious about the continuation of the story from the story of the Kingdom of China, there will always be updates about the story.

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