Signs of Supernatural, Orbs Phenomenon
Signs of Supernatural, Orbs Phenomenon

Signs of Supernatural, Orbs Phenomenon

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Signs of Supernatural, Orbs Phenomenon. All of you must have been there at a time when television shows were bustling with mystical shows.

All kinds of sightings ranging from the phenomenon of orbs, floating white smoke, to mysterious hands or faces have been caught on camera and broadcast on television channels.

The clearer it looks, the more exciting it will be to broadcast.

But is it true that what we are watching are real events?

Have you ever thought that this is just a setting?

Especially in modern times anything can be made easily.

However, the orbs phenomenon is energy that can be caught on camera. This means that spirit energy exists, right?

Just a second. Talking about energy, let’s talk about science too. Come on, see the scientific explanation of the orbs phenomenon that I have studied a little bit below.

A mysterious ball caught on camera

You don’t need to go far looking for television shows that catch a mysterious ball of light.

We ourselves can also capture it through a digital camera lens.

Go somewhere when it’s dark, like your backyard, or an empty room with poor lighting.

Take photos with a digital camera at several angles and see the results. There are white balls of various sizes in the photos you take.

The ball that appears is usually white and slightly transparent.

Sometimes there is also a visible spectrum of colors on the edge of the circle which looks like a rainbow effect, usually a ball in a rainy spot.

Sometimes the balls appear to form a kind of trail that makes them appear to be moving.

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This phenomenon has emerged since the beginning of the invention of the digital camera in the nineties.

The paranormal community considers the appearance of this mysterious sphere as a sign of the presence of astral beings.

This opinion is increasingly popular among the public because it is supported by supernatural broadcasts and ghost hunting activities.

On the other hand, the camera manufacturers at the time believed that this was the result of a malfunction of the camera itself.

Until recently, many believed that these spheres were microscopic particles floating in the air.

Usually these people are those who do not believe in astral beings.

Its character, which usually appears in dim light and often forms a kind of trail, is what makes people believe that the spherical phenomenon is part of the activity.

How can the orbs phenomenon be explained scientifically?

  • Backscatter

In photographic terms, the appearance of these spheres is called backscattering or reflection near the camera, an optical phenomenon that usually forms a circle on an object.

This orbs phenomenon arises because of the presence of a camera flash or flash light that is reflected from dust grains, water splashes, and other particles in the water or air.

This spherical phenomenon is more common in images taken with compact and ultra-compact digital cameras.

The camera captures particles that are very close to the lens, but the camera captures them out of focus due to the scattered light.

Orb phenomenon generally also occurs when shooting in low light using flash, such as at night or under water.

In this phenomenon, visible light is much brighter near the light source due to the inverse square law (light intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the light source).

These orbs arise from the reflection of solid particles of light in air or water, such as dust, water vapor, pollen, and the like.

Orbs are also sometimes visible because there is a foreign object in the camera lens.

But in addition to scientific explanations, there are also those who think that if the spheres appear behind an object in the form of a human or other solid object as if they were peeking, then it is likely that the ball is a supernatural particle.

This is because the reflection doesn’t logically fall in front of an object.

  • Ectoplasm and vortex

Actually it’s not just orbs, a display that often appears on camera.

There are other phenomena that are often associated with paranormal activity such as ectoplasm and vortex.

Scientifically speaking, the ectoplasm we see as green slime in the Movies or Ghostbusters tales, is used to describe the cytoplasm of the single-celled organism, the amoeba.

However, from a supernatural perspective, ectoplasm is defined as a substance that is used as a medium by the spirit.

The ectoplasm, which is called the second phase that occurs after these balls, usually forms a kind of thin line or smoke rising from the medium.

Whereas the vortex is the last phase in which astral beings appear after the ectoplasm.

Due to the last phase, the shape is more perfect as we usually see in photos or videos of sightings. The shape of the astral creature’s head, hair and body can be seen more clearly in this vortex phase.

Many suspect that the appearance of this phenomenon called apparition comes from the energy of these creatures.

It is also said that their energy can be affected by the energy we emit as humans, and the energy that is somewhere.

The bigger or stronger the energy, the faster and clearer the vision will be realized.

  • Pareidolia and primary visual cortex

So why do we often see the shape of the face, hair or hands in certain photos?

Is that some kind of microscopic particle too?

This phenomenon is similar to the moment when we see ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that are shaped like helicopters or shuttles.

Seeing shapes that resemble familiar objects, at first we will think that there was an ancient civilization that had advanced technology in the past.

But apparently, just like the orbs phenomenon, this phenomenon also has an explanation.

Most of the shapes we see are related to how the main visual cortex in our brain works.

The primary visual cortex is the area responsible for recognizing patterns and processing visual information.

This area makes us often recognize the shape of a human face or body, for example in everyday objects.

In some cases, however, what we see as a face or body is simply a pattern that appears in the eyes, mouth, nose, hair or head.

Simply put, we can recognize an appearance as a form of a face or body because our brains are familiar with that shape.

In addition there is also another term called pareidolia.

It is a tendency to incorrect perception of a stimulus that is recognized as an object.

When pareidolia occurs, faces will not only appear in everyday objects, but also form certain sounds in a song.

The last one is the reason you sing foreign songs using your own lyrics, right?

Regardless of whether what we see is real or not, the fact is that it often occurs in everyday life.

You can test yourself by looking at the fabric, paper, walls, or ceiling of the room. What picture do you see.


Is this fact or just fiction?

Until now, scientists are still researching these various phenomena.

Humans are also divided into those who believe, those who don’t, and there are also those who are reading this article to continue digging deeper into the facts.

Unbelievers see ample evidence that Orbs are dust and ectoplasm can be faked.

What is clear, the orbs phenomenon most likely originated from natural particles.

The rest, we are waiting for further scientific developments along with research on aliens.

So, while continuing to dig up information and other unique facts about phenomena in the world of science, let’s also see other interesting articles only at Thank you and I Love You.

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