Can the Sun Slowly Explode?
Can the Sun Slowly Explode?

Can the Sun Slowly Explode?

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Can the Sun Slowly Explode?. All kinds of stars will eventually die. Some died slowly and quietly, some died in violent explosions. Including the sun.

After the Sun has finished consuming all of its hydrogen fuel to its core, the Sun will reach the end of its useful life. But is it true that the sun will explode?

Astronomers estimate this will happen about seven billion years from now.

Later, over several million years, the Sun will first develop into a red giant star, the phase in which the Sun is hundreds of times its current size.

Only then will the Sun shrink into a dwarf star and slowly its temperature drops to the temperature of the universe.

The difference between the sun and the stars

We all know that a dead star explodes when its fuel is used up.

But not all develop into red giant stars just yet. Some stars explode in a split second as supernovae.

Then what is the difference between a star like our star, the Sun, and a star that can become a supernova like the one above?

The difference lies in the mass of the star. Their ancestors Supernovae were enormous, ranging in size from eight to twelve times the mass of our Sun.

If a star this size ran out of fuel, the core would collapse and within a fraction of a second, material fell into the core to create a very dense neutron star.

It even creates black holes. This process releases a large amount of energy which we know as supernovae.

If a star has a greater mass, exceeding one hundred and forty times the mass of the sun, then the star will explode completely and have nothing left at all.

Now, if these other stars could explode like this, could our Sun also explode in the end?

Could there be a chain reaction we could trigger, for example with certain elements carried by rare comets, or rays we often see in science fiction that could make the Sun explode?

The Sun Explodes. Then what happen?

As we previously knew, when the Sun has consumed all of its fuel, it will experience a decrease in temperature.

With that size, the Sun can swallow up Mercury, Venus, and even our Earth.

When the Sun becomes a red giant, it will start blowing its outer layers out of the solar system.

The sun will then shrink until it continues into a white dwarf phase, the core of a dead star.

With a white dwarf’s small size, it doesn’t produce much light due to its lack of fuel.

So as time goes by, the temperature will get cooler with time. Until finally the sun that had turned into a white dwarf no longer shone and became very dark.

So what will happen to Earth?

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Good question. If the red giants have not been swallowed up, the Earth will be very cold due to lack of light. Of course as a result life will be very difficult here.

The Sun Explodes, Could It Be?

The answer is NO. The reason is simple enough, the Sun doesn’t have enough mass. The only way an explosion can occur is if the Sun is much more massive, it reaches the lower limit of the Supernova.

The sun will only explode if there is a collision between the Sun and a star as big as our Sun.

Even so, an explosion would only occur if the collision happened repeatedly. Only then can the Sun explode as a Supernova.

The Sun Does Not Explode?

Right. It’s not just the fact that the Sun will never explode, but there is another fact that no big star is close enough to us to cause damage to the planet even if they do explode.

A Supernova must explode within a hundred light years from Earth to light up our planet.

According to astronomers, the closest star to Earth that could explode as a supernova has a mass ten times the mass of the sun, Spica, at a distance of two hundred and sixty light years.

No place is close enough to harm our Earth.

So take it easy, there’s no need to panic and fear the sun will explode because we have to get old first to be able to witness this explosion.

Maybe even after we got really old, nothing triggered this explosion to happen.

After knowing the fact that the Sun is not going to explode anytime soon, let’s relax and find another interesting article on my blog. thanks.

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