Can Humans Extinct?
Can Humans Extinct?

Can Humans Extinct?

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Homo Sapiens or humans are known for their intelligence because they experience Cognitive Revolution.

Compared to other species, humans have more ability to survive.

With leaps and bounds to the top of the chain of life, causing other animals to evolve gradually so as not to have great destructive power.

All other predators that previously occupied the top of the food chain evolved to create a balance in the ecosystem of life.

Meanwhile, humans who jump too fast in the chain of life are not able to adjust to their environment quickly.

As a result of failure to adapt to the environment, humans are damaged more quickly.

There is much more damage caused by humans than creatures at the top of the chain before humans.

Wars and ecological disasters are examples of human history as the greatest destroyers.

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What was the extinction like?

Before humans existed, the earth was already experiencing mass extinction.

The first extinctions occurred during the Orcodovisian era which caused Eighty-six percent of the extinctions on earth.

The second occurred 376 years ago, namely in the Devonian era. At that time, Seventy-five percent of the species were extinct.

The third extinction occurred during the Permian period. About 252 million years ago and caused ninety-six percent of extinctions.

201 million years ago during the Triassic era, a fourth extinction caused 80 percent of species to go extinct. It was called the Triassic Age.

Fifth, this extinction occurred in the Cretaceous era. In that era, 67 million years ago, 76 percent of species went extinct.

What is happening now is the Anthropocene era. Often known as the era of human presence.

The five previous causes of extinction were natural disasters. Meanwhile, human extinction did not happen in an instant.

Human extinction can be started from the extinction of civilization.

Researchers reveal that we will experience two contradictory things, namely the extinction of humans with the collapse of civilizations or societies that will develop.

Environmental Damage Can Be The Cause

Environmental damage has a big share in human extinction.

Environmental damage has resulted in a prolonged climate crisis. Of course this can damage the biosphere of life on earth.

Humans will become extinct if there is no special intervention to prevent it. If it happens.

Currently the earth is experiencing a climate crisis. The earth’s temperature continues to increase causing many extreme climate changes.

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Not to mention, various other disasters that can occur.

Environmental damage can have negative impacts. Today, many researchers believe that carbon dioxide emissions cause damage to biota. Food security will be a problem that can lead to conflict.

War due to various conflicts and problems of state security. Where humans have war technology that can be used to destroy each other.

Like nuclear technology that could destroy cities in World War Two.

In addition, there is also a pandemic problem due to viruses or other diseases that threaten human life.

Humans can predict a pandemic. However, it may not be possible to overcome it if there is no prior preparation.

Like other species on earth, viruses can mutate and develop according to their environment.

Even so, many researchers say that humans will not become extinct easily. It took billions of years for the earth to experience mass extinction. Humans can easily adapt to the next life.

Even more dangerous, this massive extinction during the Anthropocene Period could result in the loss of other species.

Of course this will cause a break in the chain of life. This of course affects the way humans survive.


As explained above, humans have a big share in the destruction of the earth and all its problems. Of course, we need to know how much other species can evolve.

Extinction that can destroy the earth at once, of course, with a big disaster like what happened in the dinosaur era which resulted in total destruction.

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