About Tesla's Conspiracy Theory
About Tesla's Conspiracy Theory

About Tesla’s Conspiracy Theory

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Have you ever imagined that in this world there is energy that can knock down an airplane, using only electric power?

And have you ever imagined, if there is an invisible energy portal that can protect you from enemy attacks?

This portal can be likened to a protective fence filled with electrical energy, and can destroy anyone who tries to get through.

Even if your answer is NO, this concept is actually almost used in this world. Still don’t believe it? let’s get to know the discoverer first.

  • Who is Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia in 1856, by profession as a scientist.

When Tesla moved to the United States he got his first job working with Thomas Edison, the inventor of the lamp.

After working with Edison, he finally decided to start his career as a scientist. Because he wants to be able to create his own creations.

As a genius inventor, Tesla created many discoveries that were very revolutionary. One of them is the electric power generation system and electric current transmission.

His fame as a scientist, made him known as a mad scientist.

One of the insanities is thought to have something to do with the Tunguska incident. It was a meteor crash hitting the earth.

The incident is thought to have occurred as a result of Tesla’s experiment. The experiment tried to transmit electrical energy wirelessly using the Wardenclyffe Tower media.

  • Phenomenal Weapon Invented by Tesla

In 1938, Tesla tried to fulfill his dream to be able to make a phenomenal weapon that was very deadly.

Where this weapon can be operated remotely. The term of this weapon is known as Teleforce or death ray which means death light.

Tesla said this weapon is capable of firing trillions of light particles transmitted by very thin currents through the air.

This light energy is also very strong, so it can paralyze any fleet in an instant, within thousands of miles.

The particle portal possessed light energy as strong as thousands of horsepower and with a current transmission as thin as a hair, there was no way any advanced equipment could withstand it.

  • The mission behind Tesla’s Weapons

Nikola Tesla actually hated warfare. The mission behind making this weapon is to protect a country from war.

So the true meaning of the ray of death is the light of peace and not the light of death!

But unfortunately, the splendor of Tesla’s ambitious ideas, was not supported by the United States government, and almost all other major countries. They refused to participate in funding the crazy project.

Until one day Tesla gave his statement to the Yugoslavian Embassy.

This statement contains an acknowledgment of his success in realizing his genius dream.

Tesla clearly confirmed that the death rays would manifest in a matter of months. But in fact Tesla’s statement never materialized.

Time passed until 1943. In that year Tesla was finally found in a hotel room in a lifeless state.

At the end of his tragic life, his condition had fallen into poverty. Even in the final seconds of Tesla’s death, there was still no evidence that a death ray had been created.

  • The missing Tesla Death Ray Journal Oddities!

After his horrendous death, the US Department of Justice military and agents from the Alien Property Custodian launched a series of investigations.

They combed every corner of Tesla’s hotel room and private laboratory for records of his death.

The United States government tries to keep its country’s assets from falling into the hands of other countries. So what are the results of the investigation?

The anomaly occurred when the US government announced that there was no evidence of any journal records regarding the discovery of the death ray.

What really happened?

  • About The Death Ray Conspiracy

Some experts argue that there is a possibility that the answer from the United States is a conspiracy theory.

Its purpose is as a diversion strategy to test findings without the knowledge of the other party.

In addition, the goal is to be able to develop this advanced technology to a higher level.

But if the answer from the United States turns out to be correct, where is the journal recording the findings stored?

The missing journal records from death ray have sparked much speculation about world-class conspiracy theories.

  • Conspiracy Theory From The USSR

US figurehead, General George Keegan, retired United States Air Force Intelligence Officer, believes that the treasure journal is under the control of the USSR.

This belief arose after retelling the previous story, when Tesla had put forward his brilliant ideas in front of the United Nations.

At the time, hardly a single country supported his insane idea of ​​a death ray project.

At that time only the USSR responded and was interested in Tesla’s idea.

The assumption of this story series is that Tesla simply sold his inventions to the USSR without intending to make it happen.

Conspiracy theories broke out in 1979, during the USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan. Eyewitnesses said that there was a strange light coming from the USSR war helicopter aimed at the opposing forces.

Eyewitnesses also said that the bodies of the soldiers who died in the light did not rot for up to a next month.

The theory from the autopsy results which confirms the presence of high strength electromagnetic residues in the body.

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  • About Conspiracy Theories From The United States

The alleged existence of Tesla’s conspiracy theory also occurred on the part of the United States.

In 1958, a United States government agency conducted a series of tests on electromagnetic weapons.

Surprisingly, the experiment was eventually stopped because there was not enough energy to generate electricity.

It turns out that it takes a lot of energy to be able to project it.

Another reason is a very high risk factor for the safety of the parties involved in this experiment.

Does this mean that America actually has the journal of the original Tesla Death Ray records?

And what is the reason this experiment was stopped because it was proven that the United States could not realize the experiment?Unfortunately, these questions are still a mystery today.

Could it be that Death Ray is just Nikola’s imagination?

From speculation that comes from various points of view, there are opinions that are believed to be very valid.

It is suspected that Tesla actually destroyed all of his journal entries before his life ended.

Another opinion also believed that the document had been secured by his close family, for security reasons.

There is a belief that makes everyone who hears it the pros and cons of their respective opinions.

This opinion believes that Tesla never actually realized his dream project.

This opinion is based on the medical history of a Nikola Tesla.

There are facts that prove that this genius has a history of mental illness throughout his life.

This disease is even more critical towards the last seconds of his life.

Tesla could no longer distinguish between reality and imagination.

Even if it is believed that death ray is not mere imagination, the fact is that there is no single evidence that can prove its physical existence.

Or maybe the death ray was just a thought from Tesla that was still stored in his brain memory until his life ended.


All the inventions of Nikola Tesla which are very revolutionary, originated from the madness of his imagination which continues to flow without knowing bounds.

You and I have even tasted the shape of all the madness today, as a society living long after Tesla’s heyday.

Lights, dynamos are just a few of the Three Hundred electric-based inventions that were created from the results of his imagination.

Which in the end benefits everyone.

No matter how big the pros and cons of Tesla’s death-ray madness are, no one doubts the genius of its discoverer.

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