Some Of The Most Famous Time Paradoxes In The World
Some Of The Most Famous Time Paradoxes In The World

Some Of The Most Famous Time Paradoxes In The World

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There are so many paradoxes that exist and are phenomenal in the world, paradox itself is a condition that arises from several premises which are considered to be truth. But that would contradict the last statement which would emerge from the premise itself.

Of the many paradoxes, the paradox that is often debated is the paradox of time. Where is the rationale that feels right, but ends with a contradiction at the end of the statement.

The time paradox itself relates to time travel or the use of time travel machines by giving rise to several different scenarios. Where if there is action to change the past, it will be able to change part or all of the situation in the future. Including the existence of time travelers themselves.

About the time paradox is a very interesting issue, as evidenced by the many questions scientists have about whether time travel is possible.

Of course the answer we get today is no. However, this does not rule out all possible travel between times in the future.

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The following are some of the most phenomenal paradoxes in the world that are part of the development of the science of time:

The Predestination Paradox

The world’s first phenomenal time paradox is the Predestination Paradox, which simply describes everything that is destined to happen, will still happen. This results in the Cause Circle, where the time traveler who visited the past is the same person, who caused that visit to the past.

In the Predestination paradox, the possibility of creating change in the past, still cannot change what is destined to happen, or the future. For example, if a time traveler wanted to prevent a World War from occurring, he would realize that World Wars would still occur, as they should be in history.

In this paradox, everything is destined to happen, will still happen as it should, irreversibly.

The Grandfather Paradox

The second time paradox is the Grandfather Paradox. Where this paradox depicts a time traveler making a visit to the past to kill his grandfather.

I try to make it easier by exemplifying that the time traveler is you, I will illustrate it below:

If you go back in time to kill your grandfather before your father or mother was born or before meeting your grandmother, then take time travel. You also will never exist or be born in this world, will you?

However, if you decide not to travel back in time, your grandfather will still be alive, have a family, have children, and have grandchildren who are none other than you. And since you were born, you are a time traveler who visited the past, to kill your own grandfather. etc.

The cycle of descriptions of the Grandfather Paradox can be somewhat confusing. But it is a rational premise that is unique and interesting to look at.

The Ontological Paradox

The third time paradox, the Ontological Paradox or Bootstrap Paradox, is a paradox that creates a circle of endless, endless obscurity.

If you are a scientist and have studied Einstein’s theory of relativity so deeply that you are very good at it, then you are traveling in time to the past. You go back in time to teach Einstein Einstein’s theory of relativity.

So the question arises, who is the original inventor of this theory? Of course not Einstein because you taught him the theory of relativity. Neither can you, because you from a future who clearly reads the theory of relativity are Einstein’s most revolutionary discoveries, as they exist today.


Above is an explanation of some of the most famous time paradoxes in the world, starting with the Predestination Paradox, the Grandfather Paradox, and the last one is the Ontological Paradox.

Where is the paradox of time itself which states that the same two entities cannot meet in one different space-time. Confused? That’s the point of a paradox.

After reading the time paradox above, do you believe time travel machines can be created?

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