Real World Events About Time Travel
Real World Events About Time Travel

Real World Events About Time Travel

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Maybe all of you have often watched movies that show a journey across time and space.

For example, in the Marvel films, they can travel through time using a high-tech time machine. If a time machine did exist, what time age would you expect it to return?

Before getting into the discussion of time machines, let’s take a look at some of the following strange incidents that might lead you to believe there is a time machine.

There are claims that the person is from the future

This may sound dubious. However, people who claim to be from the future have sufficiently detailed information about the situation in the future.

There was a man who identified himself as Noah, who said that he was willing to endanger himself to return to the present just to warn people that the time machine existed.

Do you think that if that time machine existed, would it be so dangerous that Noah exposed it to the media?

Noah said, the time machine of the future had several detrimental effects on humans, such as mental illness, anorexia, and depression. That’s why Noah wants to warn us that time machines exist and we shouldn’t use them.

This man also claims that he is already fifty years old, but he uses drugs to make him look younger. Do you think this man is really from the future?

Men’s Fashion Trends in Vintage Photos

Evidence regarding the time machine may be seen from old photos which have only revealed some strange things. One of them is a photo of a man in trendy clothes in a photo taken in the One Thousand Eight Hundred Forty.

The photo is a documentation from the re-opening of the South Fork Bridge in British Colombia ( please explore the photo on google with these keywords )

If you see, it might not make sense, right, in the era of the nineteenth century there were already people who wore clothing styles like the present century, even though the people around them still wore typical nineteenth century clothing styles.

Philadelphia Experiment

If previously it was only about photos, this time a statement from the American military saying that time travel is real. Now, in the year One Thousand and nine hundred and forty-three, the United States Army is conducting an experiment with unexpected results. At that time, the American army wanted to make the USs Eldridge ship which could not be detected by enemy radars.

When tested, the crew admitted that the ship seemed to have disappeared and seemed to be traveling in time quickly. Maybe you think they are lying? However, the crew has a version of the same story and is related to one another.

The existence of time exploration is increasingly believed when the time span of the stories of each crew coincides. Do you think this experiment shows time travel or is it just an illusion?

Someone Who Meets Old Versions Alone

Apart from the claims of various parties, there are also those who see themselves in the future. This story was told by Havkan who had experienced a warm hole. A warm hole is like a portal which is usually visualized as a tunnel with different ends and directions.

After experiencing a warm hole, Havkan met an old man who had the exact same tattoo as hers. Since he was familiar with the old man, Havkan realized that it was him when he got old.

Wanting to prove it to people, Havkan took a photo of the old man on his cell phone. Although the evidence is strong, not a few doubted the Havkan story.

The Cosmonaut who Lives Eight hundred and four days in Outer Space

You may not know the physics of time dilation. So, in physics explained that the earth has a time difference of zero point zero two seconds with the dimensions of outer space.

Through this theory, a Russian cosmonaut named Sergei Krikalev is technically living in the future. Sergei has spent about eight hundred and four days in space.

This theory may have been explained most fully in the Interstellar movies. The further a person enters the extraterrestrial dimension, the farther he passes time because there time goes faster. Of course future civilizations and events could not have formed without the influence of the present.

Scientific Explanation of Travel Through Time and Space

If you have read the news, some say that time travel can be done using high-tech machines. Let’s first look at the basic theory that triggers this time travel.

An expert named Rayman said that humans and all objects on earth have actually traveled time at the speed of one hour per hour. Maybe you are confused by that explanation. Okay, I will explain the basic theory a little first.

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About the Theory of Special Relativity

According to Rayman, everything stems from Einstein’s theory of the special theory of relativity which was created in the Twentieth century. This theory refers to time and space.

According to Rayman’s explanation, every object that passes through space-time has a speed limit of up to three hundred thousand kilometers per second, or the equivalent of the speed of light.

In the theory of special relativity, it is explained that when an object moves across space-time at a speed close to the speed of light, time moves more slowly around it.

In this case, Rayman took the example of a fifteen year old boy who made a space-time journey in a spaceship. If this plane has a speed of up to 99.5 percent of the speed of light, then for fifty years of travel, this child only feels the journey for five years. When the child returns to earth, he will be twenty years old and his friends will be sixty-five years old.

From the examples that have been described, it can be concluded that the child has traveled through time. That is, if there is a machine that can match the speed of light.

To travel back in time would be difficult

If the time machine were real, there would probably be millions of people who would like to go back in time. Surely you want to return to the good times with your partner or the most meaningful moments in life.

However, Rayman said traveling into the past was difficult because scientists today still don’t understand the theory.


Most of us know the concept of a time machine perhaps from movies. Of course the movie is based on a theory that has been put forward by scientists.

From this explanation, we can conclude that humans could travel to the future if they could travel at the speed of light. However, being able to go back in time is still uncertain.

Many scientists argue that people who go to the future have experienced distortions of time and space. And until now, scientists are still studying how the time machine works using space-time distortion with the warm hole concept.

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