Norse Mythology: Heimdall
Norse Mythology: Heimdall

Norse Mythology: Heimdall

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Heimdall is the gatekeeper of Asgard, heimdall is the mysterious son of the Nine wives and Odin. heimdall has the nickname god of light, god of shine or god of white.

Heimdall has a Gialar Trumpet whose voice can be heard across nine worlds, Heimdall blows it as the Ragnarok sign begins.

Heimdall has a horse named Gulltop (Golden Tuft) and a sword named Hofund. Heimdall lives in his fortress called Himinbjorg (Cliffs of Heaven).

Heimdall has extraordinary abilities, his eyesight is very sharp, he can see up to a radius of one hundred miles, three hundred and sixty degrees without blind spots.

In some stories it is even said that he can see further than that, and has a Vision of the Future, so that he can see who will come through the Bifrost.

Heimdall also has very sharp hearing even though he only has one ear (one ear has been sacrificed so that he can drink from the mimir’s spring).

It is said that his hearing could hear grass blowing in the wind and even the sound of hair growing (what does that sound like?).

As a guard Heimdall had very few hours of rest, as he had to always be awake and alert.

As in the story of Loki who stole, in the Brisingamen version of Mythologist Sorla Thattr (a little different from the Freyja War version).

It is said that when Loki tried to escape from Sessrumnir, Heimdall saw the thief. Heimdall then pursued and captured Loki.

Loki fled to the sea by turning into a seal, heimdall can also transform himself into a sea lion, and dive and chase Loki, they both fight in Singastein.

In the end Heimdall won the battle and managed to grab the necklace and return it to Freya.

Since then they have become eternal enemies and will kill each other in Ragnarok. Heimdall also had great wisdom, it was he who had the idea that Thor disguised himself as Freyja and went to Jotunheim, when Mjollnir was stolen.

Heimdall’s mysterious birth of nine mothers started when Odin was walking in the ocean, he saw nine giant oceans (Nine Waves) sleeping (sunbathing) on ​​the beach.

Odin immediately fell in love with them at first sight, then married all of them and they gave birth to Heimdall (when asked how nine mothers gave birth to one child, I also don’t know, that’s why it’s called mysterious)

According to the story, nine mothers blessed Heimdall with the Power of the earth, the moisture of the sea and the heat of the sun.

With that much blessing, heimdall’s career quickly climbed and became a god in asgard, he was also given the trumpet by the god Gialar and gave him a job as a guardian of the rainbow bridge, Bifrost.

Heimdall rarely leaves a post at the Bifrost, but one day at Odin’s orders, Heimdall descends into the human world of Midgard, disguises himself as a human, leaves behind his trumpet, sword, and golden boots, and takes the name Rig.

The rig travels around the world. when night fell, he would seek shelter, and just then he saw an old hut. The rig knocked on the door, and the door suddenly opened.

It was very dark and foggy inside. but with his sharp eyes, Rig can see a pair of humans, Ai and Edda. Finally, the rig was given a lift by the two humans, it was welcomed by the family for three days and three nights.

Nine months after the rig visit, Edda gave birth to a son. they named him Thrall. the child grows up to be a healthy and strong child, capable of doing tough work. Thrall married a human named Esne. and their offspring would be formidable manual labor.

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Returning to Rig, after three days and three nights he spent the night at the residence of Ai and Edda, he continued his journey and arrived at a large field belonging to Afi and Amma.

Just like Ai and Edda, Rig was given a ride by a pair of humans for three days and three nights.

And again, after nine months of Rig’s visit, Amma gave birth to a son, they named him Freeman. He grew up to be an agile child, he was good at farming and farming.

Freeman married Hussif. And their descendants will later become farmers, livestock, and field workers.

After three days and three nights Rig staying at the residence of Afi and Amma, he continued his journey and arrived at the magnificent inn owned by Squire and Lady.

They are a rich couple, and serve rigs with fancy food. and as usual Rig stayed with him for three days and three nights.

And like the others, after nine months of Rig’s visit, Lady gave birth to a son who was named Earl. The Earl grew up to be a handsome and handsome young man, he had expertise in horse riding and wielding swords, spears, and even bows.

Earl married a girl named Princess. she is a very beautiful woman and has a very good voice. their descendants will one day become kings and queens of all the world.

That was said when Earl was young. Rig arrives and meets his son in the forest, where he teaches the Earl the secrets of the runes, and the knowledge of good and evil, so that the Earl’s descendants will become leaders around the world.

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