Norse Mythology: Hel
Norse Mythology: Hel

Norse Mythology: Hel

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Hel is the goddess of death, ruler of the underworld, hel is the youngest daughter of Loki and Angerboda.

As a child Hel was banished by Odin to niflheim, a world of darkness and death, to become the master of evil and curious spirits who died of disease, war and age.

Hel lives in a palace known as Eljudnir, in this palace she entertains spirits, her dining table is called Hunger (hunger and thirst).

The knife is called Starvation (hunger), her bed is called Sickness (disease) and the palace decoration is named Misfortune (catastrophe) ) and served by two Ganglati and Gangalot servants.

In Norse mythology, it is believed that if plague and famine were raging, it meant Hel left niflheim and visited Midgard on a white three-legged horse to retrieve survivors and bring them to niflheim.

Even though the gods underestimated her, but hel has a power that even surpasses Odin.

If someone is already in his strength (meaning death and his spirit descends to niflheim), no one even Odin can bring or revive the spirit without Hel’s permission.

Told in the story of the god Balder who was killed and his spirit descended on Niflheim, Hel refused to give his spirit to the gods, finally the gods sent the hermod gods to negotiate with Hel, the Norse gods made a bid with Hel.

Hel then promises to release Balder’s soul and bring him back to life if all living beings mourn (shed tears) for him, without exception, to prove that Balder is a god loved by all living things.

Hel knows that there is a female Jotun creature, named Thokk, who has a very cold heart. Giants never grieve and will never grieve for anyone.

And there you have it. All creatures mourned for Balder, the norse god they loved most, except Thokk. So Balder’s soul will forever remain in Niflheim, the realm of the dead, as long as Thokk is alive.

Niflheim, the world where the spirits of the dead reside, this world is described as a stretch of ice covered in a cold, piercing mist and a night that never ends.

Niflheim has a very poisonous spring, namely Hvergelmir, from which eleven Elivagir rivers of ice flow, which end in the great Ginungagap ravine and freeze there.

Hvergelmir is the residence of the demon Naga nidhogg and countless snakes, there nidhogg bites the roots of yggdrasil, it is said that the sign of the start of ragnarok is when nidhogg manages to bite the yggdrasil roots out.

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After the gods created midgard, the gods made or rather pushed niflheim deep into the ground under one of the yggdrasil roots.

So that niflheim’s cold didn’t freeze midgard, in ragnarok, only niflheim, the only world that survived the fire of Surt. which burned the other Eight worlds.

Hel has a very cute guard dog known as Garm. Garm is depicted as a dog who has four eyes and a chest covered in the blood of the dead, Garm has the task of guarding the gate of Hel’s palace (likened to the cerberus).

In Norse mythology it is believed that Gram can be soothed by a Hel cake that is given to someone who has given bread to the poor.

On the day of Ragnarok, Garm will join the giants in their battle against the gods.

The god of war Tyr and Garm will kill each other, Tyr will kill Garm, but Tyr will die from the wounds inflicted by the dog.

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