Norse Mythology: Brising
Norse Mythology: Brising

Norse Mythology: Brising

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Also known as Bristlings. Represents four dwarf brothers. Their names are Alfrigg, Berling, Dvalin and Grer.

These four dwarves are responsible for making the exquisite gold necklace known as the Brisingamen. So beautiful, that Freyja wanted the necklace for herself.

The story of Freyja and Brisingamen is contained in the Sottr Thattr, which was written around the year One Thousand and Four Hundreds.

Back then, Freyja was Odin’s favorite concubine. It is unknown what is so special about Brisingamen, but it looks like the necklace can beautify the wearer.

However, as is known, Freyja is the most beautiful woman or goddess in the world. One night, she woke up from her sleep and came out of her palace.

She walked into the forest and came to a cave where she heard a dwarf working on a piece of jewelry. Loki was secretly following the goddess, spying on Freyja.

When Freyja saw the Brisingamen, she became obsessed with the beauty of gold necklaces. The dwarves refused to give the necklace to Freyja, even though the goddess offered her gold and silver in exchange.

The Brising is only willing to give the necklace to Freyja if the goddess agrees to sleep with each of the dwarves (The Brising knows how to use it).

Being obsessed with the Brisingamen, Freyja agreed to the dwarves’ terms. Four nights, she spent his time sleeping with the dwarves, one at a time each night. Loki who saw Freyja’s carelessness reported this to Odin.

Odin was angry with Freyja because the goddess acted like a prostitute who sold herself for Brisingamen. Odin ordered Loki to steal the Brisingamen from Freyja.

Almost everyone, even gods or giants, no matter how strong they are, cannot easily enter Freyja’s palace known as Sessrumnir, without the goddess’s permission.

Loki can get into Sassrumnir by turning himself into a flea. At that time, Freyja was sleeping while wearing a Brisingamen.

With his wits, Loki, who was still a flea, managed to remove the necklace from Freyja’s neck. When Freyja woke up, she found that the Brisingamen was missing. Furthermore, she knew that the thief was Loki.

Freyja also knew that Loki wouldn’t be able to do this if he didn’t take orders from Odin.

Freyja went to see Odin and protested that Odin return the Brisingamen to her hands. Freyja said that Odin was a god who was not honorable because he had taken Freyja’s necklace.

Odin replied by saying that Freyja was a dishonorable person who was willing to sleep with four dwarves just to get the necklace.

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Odin was willing to return the Brisingamen to Freyja on the condition that Freyja succeeded in causing a war between two human kings. Freyja had no other choice if she wanted her necklace back.

Freyja War

The war in question relates to a woman named Hild, between Hogni, king of Norway and Hedin Hjarrandason who is also known as Hjadningavig in several different sources.

According to Snorri Sturluson, who based his opinion on the story contained in the Lay of Ragnar (Ragnarsdrapa) written by a poet named Bragi in the ninth century.

Hogni has a daughter named Hild, who was kidnapped by Hedin when Hogni was not in his kingdom.

When Hogni returned and found that Hedin had come to his kingdom and kidnapped Hild, he prepared his army to attack Hedin.

Hogni learns that Hedin and Hild are in Orkney. Hild tries to reconcile Hedin and his father because she is now Hedin’s wife.

Hild tries to persuade her father not to go to war with her husband, but Hogni refuses. When the two armies were ready for war, Hedin offered his fortune as compensation, so that war would not occur.

Hogni said that it was too late to reconcile because he had drawn his sword, the Dainsleif and the sword could no longer be sheathed before tasting human blood.

So, on that day they fought until night. The two sides retreated to their respective camps, leaving the dead behind them.

Hild walked among the dead and with her magic, she revived the fallen soldiers to fight again the next day.

In the morning, the soldiers who had died fought together with the people who were still alive until nightfall, stopping the fighting.

Throughout the night, Hild used her magic again to do the same thing she did the night before. This happened continuously.

If a soldier dies, he will come back to life the next day to fight again. Both sides have been condemned to continue fighting until the arrival of Ragnarok.

This endless war is the work of Freyja in an attempt to get her necklace back.

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