Norse Mythology: Aesir
Norse Mythology: Aesir

Norse Mythology: Aesir

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Aesir is a race of gods who live in Asgard. The Aesirs have the main enemy they always fight, namely Vanir.

Aesir is very fond of war and fighting, whereas Vanir is closer to nature and fertility.

When Aesir and Vanir reconciled, several Vanir gods and goddesses, such as Njord, Frey and Freyr became Aesir.

The following are some of the main deities:

  • Odin

Ruler of the world and leader of the Aesir. Odin is the son of the giants Bor and Bestla.

Apart from Valhala, Odin also has another hall called Valaskialf, which has a pure silver roof.

This is his throne called Hlidskialf, from which he can see the whole world.

The spear is named Gungnir while the ring is named Draupner (Ring of Strength) which is made by the twin dwarves, Brokk and Eiti. Odin has two wolves named Freki and Geri.

Two crows, Huginn (Mind) and Muninn (Memory), are tasked with bringing news from around the world to him.

Odin leads the group of horsemen during the Wild Hunt. They traveled at night, from winter nights, October 31 to May Night, April 30, especially on the eve of the pagan Yule celebration, December 21.

If you saw them when they came out, it could mean it is the end of your life.

  • Ve

Brother Odin. He endowed man with speech. Also known as Lodur, Lodar or Lother. Together with his other two brothers, Odin and Vili, killed the giant Ymir and created the world.

  • Vili (Hoenir)

Brother Odin, his strength is no less great than Odin. is the god of water, in Greek mythology equated with poseidon.

  • Thor

God of thunder. Thor is Odin’s son with the female giant, Jörd, Fjörgyn or Hlódyn (goddess of the earth).

Its territory is called Thrudvangar with 540 apartments. Thor has the hall in which he lives, which is called Bilskirnir. Thor had a chariot pulled by two goats, Tanngniost and Tanngrisnir.

Thor has a special weapon in the form of a hammer named Mjolnir made by the dwarf twins Brokk and Eiti.

Every time Thor threw it at his enemies, it always returned to his hand. This is because Thor wears a magic iron glove called Járngreipr.

In addition, Thor also has a Megingjardr (power belt) which makes him invincible. Thor’s main enemy is Jörmungand aka Midgard’s Snake.

  • Tyr

God of war and courage. son of Odin and Frigg or the female giant Fjorgyn. Tyr is Thor’s younger brother.

Tyr is represented as a human with one hand, because his right hand was bitten by the giant wolf Fenrir (in Edda poetry, his wrist is called co-wolf). His attribute is a spear as a symbol of justice, as well as a weapon.

  • Heimdall

Guardian God Also known as White As. Is the son of the Nine Waves (Nine female giants who are all brothers). That means Heimdall has nine mothers. Nine Waves is the son of Odin.

Heimdall is also known as Rig, the creator of mankind. Other names are Hallinskidi and Gullintanni.

Heimdall is the keeper of the Bifrost. He lives in the hall, Himinbjörg (Cliffs of the Hill or Heavenly Fall) which is located at the end of Asgard.

Heimdall has very sharp hearing and vision. He was a sleepless guard whose job was to prevent the giants from entering Asgard.

The sword was called the Hofund (Head of Heimdall). Like Odin, Heimdall also drank water from Mimir’s well and for that he sacrificed one of his ears.

In the final war between the gods and the evil giants, on their horse, Gulltopp and his sword, Hofund, Heimdall and Loki kill each other in battle.

  • Loki

God of fire and impostor. Son of the giants Fárbautia (Farbautia, Cruel Striker) and Laufey (Tree Island) or Nal. Brothers of Byleist and Helblindi.

Married to Sigyn, father of Narfi (Narvi) and Vali (Unlike Odin and Rin’s son, Vali).
Through the giant Angerboda (Trouble Bearer), Loki fathered Hel, the goddess of death, Jörmungand (Jormungand), the Serpent of Misgard; and Fenrir, the giant wolf.

Loki also became the mother (apparently a hemaphrodite too) of Sleipnir through the stallion of Svadilfari.

Loki is the main character in the bloody coup of Ragnarok. Actually Loki is not an evil god. He likes to help the Aesir gods, but often causes problems for these gods.

Loki is known as the Trickster and Shape-changer. Actually Loki is an forst giant, but since becoming blood relatives with Odin, Loki has become a very important member of the Aesir.

Even though there was no god like him, Loki played to eat at Asgard. Over time, Loki became darker and cynical, reflecting the evil god in Asgard as a match for the good god.

He is indirectly involved in Balder’s death by tricking Frigg into finding out what could have killed Balder and using Hod, Balder’s brother, to kill a god.

For his crimes, Loki was punished by being locked up in a cave. By the time Ragnarok arrived, Loki was leading the resistance against the gods.

The following is information about other Aesir gods:

  • Ull

In ancient Scandinavian myths, Ull (glory) is the god of justice and duels, as well as the patron of the god of agriculture.

Son of Sif, wife of Thor. Ull later married Skadi, the ex-wife of Njord. Ull lives in Ydalir (Yew Dales or Yewdale) in Asgard.

  • Bragi

God of poetry and patron of the skalds (poets). Son of Odin and the giant Gunlod. Bragi’s wife is Idun, the goddess of spring and the god of youth. Bragi is also the god of speech.

  • Vidar

Son of Odin’s with the female giant Grid. Vidar was known as a god of silence because he rarely spoke. Among Aesirs, he is the second strongest after Thor.

He lived in Brushwood which could be his palace or territory as written in the Edda Poetry. Vidar is one of the survivors of Ragnarok and manages to avenge his father’s death by killing the giant wolf, Fenrir.

  • Balder

Balder is the god of Peace. Lives in his palace named Breidablik with his wife Nana, daughter of Nep. From the two, Forseti was born. Balder is the most beloved of all the gods.

Unfortunately, according to the forecast, Balder would die. Balder has the largest ship ever built, the Hringhorni, and a hall named Breidablik. He died because Loki tricked Hod.

  • Vali

Odin’s boy with a girl’s giant skin. Vali was born on the same day as Balder’s death. Before he was one night old, Vali grew to the size of a grown man and took revenge for Balder’s death by killing Hod.

  • Forseti

In Norse Mythology, Forseti is the god of justice. He is the son of god Balder and his mother is nana.

Forseti lives in his court called Glitnir Indah, which functions as a court and law where all disputes are resolved. Glitnir has a silver roof that is supported by golden red pillars.

  • Hod

Blind god, son of Odin and Frigg, brother of Balder. He is the god of winter and darkness.

Loki tricked, thus Hod by firing an arrow tied with a mistletoe plant at his brother, the only one who could kill Balder. Vali avenged Balder’s death by killing Hod.

Read Also:

  • Hermod

Messenger of the gods. Son of Odin and Frigg, brother of Balder and Hod. When his blind brother Hod killed their brother Balder, only Hermod dared to go to the underworld to meet Hel, the goddess of death.

Hermod asked Hel to let Balder come back to life. Hel agreed on the condition that every creature must shed at least one tear in order for Balder to prove that Balder was a beloved god.

Hermod failed to fulfill this requirement after the female giant refused to cry for Balder.

  • Mimir

God of Aesir is the wisest. During the peacetime between Aesir and Vanir, the two sides exchanged hostages.

Aesir received Njord and Freyr, while Vanir received Mimir and Hoenir. Mimir dies after being beheaded by Vanir.

Mimir has a spring that gives wisdom to whoever drinks it, but whoever wants to drink it must sacrifice one part of his body. Odin sacrificed one eye while Heimdall sacrificed one ear.

  • Magni and Modi

Two of Thor’s sons from the female giant Jarnsaxa who managed to survive from Ragnarok and inherited their father’s hammer, Mjollnir.

That is a little story about Aesir and the characters, Thank you for reading, see you in the next episode tomorrow.

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