Norse Mythology: The Universe and the Nine Worlds
Norse Mythology: The Universe and the Nine Worlds

Norse Mythology: The Universe and the Nine Worlds

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Norse mythology is the belief of northern European society before the arrival of Christianity.

These beliefs and legends spread to other northern European countries, including Iceland, where sources for these mythologies are available.

Norse mythology is a collection of ancient beliefs of northern European society that contains stories about supernatural beings, cosmology, and other myths written in poetry or prose and summarized in Eddas.

This mythology was written before and after the arrival of Christianity in northern Europe.

In Scandinavian folklore, mythology still survives and in rural areas this ancient tradition is still visible today. This mythology also influences and inspires literature today.

Scandinavia is actually a group of countries inhabiting the northern part of Europe. They consist of the Nation of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, parts of Germany, and Iceland.

Scandinavians are often referred to as Norseman, or Northman. The most famous Scandinavians are probably the Vikings, adventurers and pirates from Norway.

The exploration of this Viking group to various regions in Northern Europe and its surroundings, is probably the cause of the development of their myths and legends.

Like other great nations like Greece, the Scandinavians also had their own beliefs about the god who protected them and how this world was created by them.

However, their myth is rarely widely known by other peoples, in contrast to the Greek myth which is more popular.

However, if we look at their mythological stories, there are some facts that are very similar between the stories of the gods in this world, be they Greek or Scandinavian stories.

In historical records, many ancient people followed Paganism, a belief that worshiped gods. These gods are considered to be the creators of the universe and humans.

The same thing happened in Northern European countries. However, due to the intervention of Christian historians in the Middle Ages, there were many changes to their culture and way of worship.

In ancient times pagan beliefs generally involved offerings in the form of living things and even humans as offerings.

This is of course very contrary to modern religious culture. As a result, many of their mythologies and legends are lost and go unrecorded. Or some authenticity cannot be ascertained because there is no factual support.

Since this mythology has appeared in many parts of Northern Europe, there are usually various versions. This usually happens because the myth is adapted to the region in question.

Likewise with the names of gods and their roles, as well as important events, such as Odin, also known as Wotan in Germany, or Woden in England.

In Norse mythology, there are nine known worlds, nine of which are connected by the Yggdrasil tree.

In Norse mythology, the Yggdrasil tree is the center of the world. In the branches and roots there are different worlds, namely:

  • Asgard

This place is on the first floor. Asgard is the Aesir realm, one of the strongest races of gods, destroyers and warriors.

But that doesn’t mean they are a bad race of gods, because in order to protect life and the universe there must be war and destruction for balance.

One of the things that made Asgard famous was the existence of a very large hall called Valhalla, where Odin and the other gods gathered and entertained the Einherjar, a person who died in battle brought by Valkrye (a ghost who decides who dies in war).

  • Vanaheimr

One version says that Vanaheimr is on the same level as Asgard, they are side by side. But another version says this Vanir world is under Asgard.

The Vanir are a race of gods of protection, fertility and nature preservation.

It is said that Vanir and Asgard always fought until they finally made peace and there were several Vanir races who were appointed to the gods of Asgard and vice versa.

After reconciling, they unite against the Jotun, a race of giants.

  • Alfheim

Next is the world of Elves. They are a very mysterious race and have magical powers.

They are never clear on whose side they are, sometimes neutral, sometimes helping the gods, helping humans, but sometimes they can also be very cruel and threatening.

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  • Midgard

Midgard or Middle Earth. This is the human world. Between Midgard and Asgard there is the Bisfort bridge.

Midgard is surrounded by a vast ocean where Jormungandr resides, the giant snake monster who is the son of Loki and the giant Angrboa.

  • Jotunheimr

It is the residence of the giant Jotun. They are a threat to both gods and humans.

  • Nidavellir or Infierno

The residence of the dwarves. They lived in caves or underground as adept miners and were adept at making tools and weapons out of metal.

  • Svartálfheim

The world of Svartálfar (Swart Elfs) or Dökkálfar (Dark Elves), namely the Elves of the dark.

  • Muspellheim

The world of fire and the residence of the fire giants who are Aesir’s eternal enemies. One of them is Surt, a giant whose skin is shaped like lava and hair of fire.

Then the fire from this muspel burned the Bisfort bridge and started the Ragnarok war.

  • Niflheim

If Muspel is a fire world, then Nifhel is the opposite. This is the world of ice and is the coldest area.

The house of the ice giants or Frost Giants which is ruled by Loki’s sister Hel. Nifhel is the first of the nine worlds that became the origin of the universe. The place where the dead are.

The nine worlds in Norse mythology were created by Odin and his brothers after killing Ymir, the giant who was the first living thing to be created in the universe.

It was this part of Ymir’s body that formed the basis of the world they created.

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