When You Fail To Take Action Consistently Due To This Factor
When You Fail To Take Action Consistently Due To This Factor

When You Fail To Take Action Consistently Due To This Factor

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A number of people complained about why he or she was unable to consistently act diligently and with determination.

Why is he or she easily trapped and often gives up halfway when he will struggle so long to change his destiny.

Why does the determination to change oneself for the better always stop at wishful thinking and never come true?

Many people fail to make changes for themselves for the better because they fail to find and sense of progress.

Yes, that’s right, many people want to change themselves for the better, for example to be fit, slimmer, richer, more prosperous, more disciplined at work, more diligent, more successful, to be better in various other aspects.

But unfortunately, the determination to change yourself for the better often falls in the middle of the road. The thought of becoming a better person often remains a mirage.

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Why did this dream of making a change for the better fail? Why is the motivation to keep on striving diligently and consistently so easily lost over time?

The answer is as written above: because we fail to find progress, or fail to feel the progress of what we do.

One of the best motivators for us turns out to be a sense of progress.

When we feel progress in life, or when we can feel the progress of what we are doing to change our destiny, then we will be more enthusiastic about living it, and will consistently do it.

Example: I started my own business from zero until now, without stopping (quite a long consistency).

I can continue to stay in my small business because I really feel the progress in it.

That is, by making my business feel progress in my life (for example in the form of becoming better known, or being more successful at capturing prospects).

The sense of progress plays a very crucial role so that we stay motivated and can continue to consistently take action for change for the better.

So it becomes very important so that we can continue to look for and feel progress at any time. Because once again, when we fail to feel progress in our life, business or career, our enthusiasm will become ridiculous.

The question is: how do you find and sense of progress?

Here are the tips that I have done so far, namely:

  • Set action targets that are simple and easy to achieve
  • Turn easy goals into small wins
  • Take small victories as stepping stones to move on

So the first step in finding a sense of progress is: setting targets that are simple and easy to reach.

In the past, when I started a small business, I only had a small profit target. A relatively easy target for me.

Then when I wanted to start my business, I set a simple initial target: it’s enough every day I can only take small profits (small targets).

The point is, don’t immediately set grandiose targets. Later it will be difficult to achieve and will reduce motivation.

Regardless of the type of action you are going to take, you should set initial targets that are easy and simple.

What is the goal? Yes, so that it is easy to meet and achieve targets. This is very important. Why?

Because when you can really hit those easy and simple targets, then you will be able to find small wins and feel the progress. And that’s the point.

Even small accomplishments can make you feel the progress.

And when you can feel the progress, your motivation will continue to increase and develop.

So small, easy-to-reach goals are designed so that you can find small wins.

Because when you can find small wins, then you can feel the progress that is very important for your step.

So start setting easy and simple target actions. Then, find a small win. After that, make small wins as stepping stones to sense of progress.

Furthermore, a sense of progress will continue to fuel your motivation to keep going.

A sense of progress will allow you to consistently take action for a better future.

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