Why Is The Trip Home Faster Than Going?
Why Is The Trip Home Faster Than Going?

Why Is The Trip Home Faster Than Going?

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Whenever you travel, either alone or in a group with friends or family, you often ask questions like this: Why does it feel so long to go, and the time on the return trip feels faster?

The question was like a spice on a journey that expression couldn’t tire of.

However, the answers to these questions are rarely answered or found answers, let alone answers that are more rational and scientific.

There is research that explains that the journey home feels shorter because the person is already familiar with the route he took, the journey he took.

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In that study, it was shown that the return journey effect is a problem with our brains revising the past, rather than experiencing time moving faster during the trip.

According to the study, while traveling, our brains are more focused on digesting the route that is traversed.

Meanwhile, on the way home, because we are back on the same road, our brain has already recognized the surrounding conditions.

So our perception of time seems to be faster.

In another study, it was revealed that the return trip was shorter, even though it was a different route from the departure route.

The researchers concluded, this kind of condition is because someone who travels back and forth tends to exaggerate expectations when leaving.

As a result, on the way home, such expectations often stop. Here the return journey feels more comfortable so that the time is faster.

From the explanation above, why does the return trip tend to feel faster than when it departed?

This means that when we travel long distances, time appears to move slower as the brain works harder.

Likewise when on the way home, time becomes fast because the brain does not work as hard as it did when it left.

Now that you know why, if we go on a trip, time feels long, and when we come back from a trip, time feels fast!

Once upon a time if any of your family or friends ask about this question, you can immediately say it as I write this. Have a nice day, guys!

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