Philosophy of Hedonism: Happy to be a Hedonist
Philosophy of Hedonism: Happy to be a Hedonist

Philosophy of Hedonism: Happy to be a Hedonist

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You could say that each of you always had your own way of life. Starting from matters of education, work, to the faith you have.

From there, of course, all of you are free to choose the way you want to live. One of them is by being a hedonist.

Hearing hedonic terms, you might think from “spending money,” “going to a nightclub every week,” to “shopping for luxury.”

Not infrequently, when you see someone with a hedonistic style, you might say, “You’re a hedonist.” As a result, you think, “Are people really unapologetic about wasting money?”

Now, it’s actually not wrong if you think like that, because everyone has their own views.

But it would be nice if you first understand what hedonism really means. Therefore, I will try to explain what it means, and how to be a happy hedonist.

Want to know? Come on, read my article until it runs out!

What Is Hedonism?

Well, hedonism comes from Greek, namely hedon which means pleasure.

From there, hedonism is defined as the view that human life is the best for living with pleasure and avoiding suffering.

Starting from abundant wealth, sexual activity, to various types of entertainment that exist.

In addition, each person can be said to have their own meaning in viewing hedonic attitudes.

There are those who see it as something positive, but not a few who see it as negative.

Starting from the YOLO attitude (You Only Live Once), extravagant, and consumptive in life.

As a result, many circles, especially young people today, view hedonic behavior as something negative.

Hedonic in Epicurus Perspective

Well, Epicurus, the Greek philosopher, actually held the opposite view of most people about hedonism.

That is because a life full of pleasure that he means is not a matter of wealth, but a life of simplicity.

Epicurus believed that you would not be happy if you were constantly pursuing pleasure.

Especially if the pleasures are materialist, which is arguably endless.

For example, suppose you go to a discotheque with friends to get drunk. Maybe you will have fun, which is a means of relieving fatigue.

However, usually your head will also get dizzy and vomit after going to a discotheque. Now, that’s what Epicurus meant to avoid suffering in life.

Therefore, Epicurus thought that instead of pursuing pleasure, it would be better for you to avoid suffering.

In addition, he feels that as long as his basic needs are met, then you can be happy in life.

From there, you will see life as something simple to live. As a result, you can live quite, and live it casually, Guys!

In addition, Epicerus is said to have only two clothes and lived in a small village during the course of his life. It was enough, and made him happy in life.

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Therefore, you can learn from Epicurus’ hedonistic lifestyle, which may be the opposite of your current life. With hope, you can become a happy hedonist in life, Guys!

How to Be a Happy Hedonist

At this point, maybe you will think, “Then how do I make me a happy hedonist in life?”, “Because I have seen hedonism as something negative”.

Don’t worry, you can still learn to be a hedonist like Epicurus, because it’s never too late for you to start something. So, there are several ways you can be a happy hedonist. The following:

  • Determining the Most Important Things in Life

There are times when you have a dilemma in determining the various choices that exist in life.

Whether it’s choices about education, work, to the beliefs you have. Therefore, you can try to determine what you consider important in life.

If Epicurus was still alive, maybe he would say, “Why are you doing insignificant things in life?” That way, you can make good choices, and be a happy hedonist!

For example, you are faced with a dilemma between going to a higher study or going straight to work.

On the one hand, you want to continue your studies to deepen the knowledge you have.

However, on the other hand, you also have to look for additional income.

Now, by being hedonistic, you can try to determine what you think is most important in life. Hopefully we can face this dilemma well, and be a happy hedonist, guys!

  • Focus on the Simple Things in Life

Not infrequently, maybe you have an excessive obsession with living life. This may be due to existing social demands, such as having to be rich.

In fact, wealth is something that has no end, because there are always people who are better than you.

Therefore, you can try to focus on the simple things in life. That way, you can lower your obsession, and become a happy hedon!

For example, suppose you are obsessed with buying a luxury car like yours.

After buying it, it turns out that he already has another new car which makes you frustrated because you can’t compete.

Now, by being hedonistic, you can focus on the simple things in life.

Starting from being able to eat or drink, have friends, to have a comfortable place to live. The hope is, you can live a simple life, and become a happy hedonist, Guys!

  • Think of Death as a Medicine for Suffering

Death is arguably the greatest fear for each of you in living your life. Maybe because you are afraid of losing loved ones, to the things you already have.

Therefore, you can try to think of life as suffering, and death as a cure. That way, you can face the fear of death, and become a happy hedonist!

For example, suppose you consider death to be your greatest fear in life. It is because you are wondering where the treasure that has been found will be found.

So, by becoming hedonism, you can think of death as a medicine for suffering all this time. Hopefully you can face this fear, and be a happy hedonist, guys!

  • Happiness Is a Mindset

Most of you probably view happiness as something luxurious, aka having lots of money. It’s not uncommon for it to make you feel like you can’t have enough of what you have.

Therefore, you can try to view happiness as a mindset, not a standard that other people have. That way, you can be a happy hedonist in life!

For example, suppose you want to hang out with friends, and you want to go to expensive coffee shops.

The reason may be so that you can update your story, and be seen as a “special creature” by others.

Now, by being a hedonist, you can realize that happiness doesn’t come from an expensive coffee shop, but the togetherness you feel with friends.

Hopefully this can increase your level of happiness in life, guys!

Keep in mind, that I’m not here forcing all of you to have a hedonistic way of life.

I’m just giving you the choice to choose which way of life is right for you in living your life.

Hopefully this article can help you understand how to live hedonism, guys!

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