How to Socialize and Build Friends
How to Socialize and Build Friends

How to Socialize and Build Friends

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Before getting into the topic of discussion, we need to equalize the point of view first, that having close friends does not mean that you have to have 24 hours to tell your story.

Being familiar and close doesn’t mean you have to share all your troubles with you or always have to go anywhere with you.

Remember, your best friend also needs time to be alone and solve all his problems on his own because not all problems need to be told to you, right.

Everyone needs an intimate relationship such as helping each other, doing work, to sharing feelings.

Humans are required to be inseparable from social interactions because we are all created as social beings which in everyday life we ​​really need them.

Therefore it is important for all of you to get along and quickly adapt to the environment around you.

Humans also interact to fulfill one of their needs, namely the need for affiliation.

This is a need to get the presence of other people in one’s life so that sustainable social interaction can create interpersonal relationships.

One example of an interpersonal relationship is friendship.

Friendship is a relationship between two individuals who spend a lot of time interacting together under any circumstances and giving each other emotional support.

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This is what underlies why you must be good at knowing how to get along and adapt to new environments, including building quality friendships.

Easy Ways to Build Friendship

There are various ways that you can easily get closer and closer to making friends, including the following :

  • Dare to be yourself

Being yourself is one of the factors that makes it easier for you to make friends, not only that, you can also have close friends and friendships that can last a long time.

This happens because you can honestly express yourself while in your circle of friends, so that indirectly there will be a choice where friends who are truly sincere and like-minded will last long with you.

  • Share stories with each other

Start sharing anything with your new friend, from serious things about your life experiences to small talk.

This will make your friendship even more touching, because when your friend has entrusted you to listen to the story, that’s where your friendship will get closer.

But keep in mind that not every story you need to tell a friend, there are times when you just need to know it.

  • Look for common ground

Not a few friendships that start from several similarities, this can happen because of his favorite food, with idols, to likes the opposite sex.

So be careful with the last similarity, yes, there can be two different sides of a coin that can actually damage friendship. So, what category do you fall into?

  • Remember the things they love

When you start interacting with new people and after a while you can remember things they like.

When you want to go to a football club or your favorite movie you remember your friends also like the same club or movie, you invite them right away.

These things in building friendships are important because remembering them naturally makes them feel valued.

  • Keywords: Strengthen Friendship

There are three key words in my opinion personally that if you apply them in everyday life will make your friendship even stronger, namely:

  • Thank you

Get in the habit of saying this after asking your friend for help or if your friend takes the initiative to help you without even asking.

This will make them more appreciated so that your friendship will get closer.

  • Please

Make it a habit to say please before asking for help from others, especially to your friends, because sometimes when the friendship gets closer you usually forget to say please before asking for help, let’s try self-reflection.

  • Sorry

Sometimes this is hard to say when you have a dispute because of disagreement, the joke is too much, causes emotions to run through you.

Sometimes, that big sense of ego inside of you makes you even more defensive, so you don’t want to apologize.

Saying sorry first whether you were right or wrong is what you must do so that your friendship can work out well in the future.

You can use the three keywords above in everyday life both in friendship and with people you may not know.

Try to be able to appreciate the smallest people, so that you will be rewarded as high as possible.

This will make it easier for you to be able to make many friends and strengthen friendships.

So first I finally have a message for all of you, the most important thing is not how many you have friends but how many you have quality friends.

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