The Philosophy of Stoicism for Learning to Be Human
The Philosophy of Stoicism for Learning to Be Human

The Philosophy of Stoicism for Learning to Be Human

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Have you heard of the philosophy of Stoicism before? In living life, expectations are something that is important for you to have.

Through expectations, you are driven in the process of achieving something. In the process, you tend to feel that things are going well, and put aside the bad possibilities.

But in reality, many things sometimes don’t match your expectations. For example, if your lover breaks up with you, doesn’t pass an assignment, you lose your job.

Things that give rise to negative emotions in you. Starting from sadness, stress, to excessive anxiety.

I personally understand very well how bad it is to feel these negative emotions.

It feels like the days are not calm because the reality does not match these expectations. As a result, my productivity is interrupted in doing things that interfere with my mental health.

Well, if you experience the same thing like that, just calm down, friend! In this article, I will share alternative philosophies that can help you deal with negative emotions.

The name of this philosophy is Philosophy of Stoicism. Want to know? Come on, see my writing until it’s finished

Get to know the philosophy of Stoicism

Hearing the term philosophy, maybe you immediately, “Wow, I’m lazy to learn things like that. It’s a discussion for old people. ” “Surely something like that will not enter my brain”.

Wait, Guys! I guarantee this philosophy will not be boring. You see, here you will get a mindset that is really useful for you to apply in everyday life.

Well, philosophy of Stoicism is a school of ancient Greco-Roman philosophy pioneered by Zeno in 300 BC.

This philosophy is not a belief or a religion that has rules in it, but a way for you to view life practically, so that you can live your daily life more peacefully, Guys!

Stoicism’s philosophy itself is also universal, meaning that it can be applied in various conditions and times.

In addition, this philosophy is also not dogmatic, meaning that it is not absolutely rigid in its teachings.

As if there is no obligation or prohibition in its application. On the contrary this philosophy is adaptive and debatable.

Therefore, the philosophy of Stoicism is very practical and can be applied every day.

Therefore, the philosophy of Stoicism is an inclusive philosophy that embraces all types of circles.

Everyone can apply this one philosophy without having to depend on economic and social status.

Possessions and thrones are not the definition of a stoic’s success. According to the Philosophy of Stoicism, a person is considered successful if he has a sense of security that does not easily wear off under any circumstances.

The main purpose

Stoicism emphasizes that your mind is your main strength. From there, this philosophy invites all of you to do malorum premeditation, which is to imagine bad things that might happen.

After that, you can try asking yourself, “Are these bad things under my control?” This is to distinguish which ones you can change, and which cannot. Hopefully you can live peacefully and peacefully, guys!

You may think, “Why did I study the philosophy of stoicism? Can this really make me richer? ” Yes, that’s right, this philosophy will make you rich.

However, it leads to more emotional wealth within you. Among them are like this:

  • Free Yourself From Negative Emotions

Negative emotions are something that cannot be avoided in life. Starting from sad, angry, suspicious, to jealous. It often disturbs the peace in your life.

Therefore, the philosophy of Stoicism aims to free you from these emotions. One way is to focus on the things you can control, which I’ll explain in the next section!

  • Honing Virtue in Life

The philosophy of Stoicism has a positive impact not only on oneself, but also on others. There are four main virtues emphasized by this philosophy, namely:

Lesson: the ability to make the best decisions by considering various aspects, for example: Making joint decisions with full consideration Fairness: the ability to treat others fairly and honestly.

for example: Fairness when being a leader for many people Courage: the ability to dare to hold on to principles that you think are right.

for example: Not easily shaken in a new environment Refrain: The ability to exercise discipline, simplicity, and self-control over passions and emotions, for example: Ability to hold back anger when conflicted with others.

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The philosophy of Stoicism is not a philosophy that serves you to find happiness in general.

But this philosophy emphasizes more on you to control negative emotions more and hone your virtues to achieve peace in your life, Guys!

Implementation of Stoicism Philosophy Learning

Often we see philosophy as something bad. Philosophy is considered to be able to distance you from the beliefs you have, for example, changing religions.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with you doing both because philosophy is the way you view life.

Thanks to philosophy, you can solidify yourself in carrying out the beliefs you have, of course, Guys!

Now, there are several implementations that you can apply from this philosophy of Stoicism. Including the following:

  • To Learn to Accept Hard Times

Through this philosophy, you will learn to be a strong person in various conditions, guys!

Indeed, this philosophy does not promise any material for yourself, such as wealth for example.

However, this philosophy can offer a lasting sense of peace and serenity. This is something that is deeply rooted within you.

Not in external things that can be snatched from yourself at times, guys!

For example, you feel that the current Coronavirus pandemic is a difficult time for you, because you may be the victim of mass layoffs in your office.

Now, through this philosophy, you will learn to make peace with conditions like this. One of them is by freeing yourself from negative emotions.

  • To Face Uncertainty in Life

Uncertainty about something tends to generate negative emotions in you. Because you may be confused about what to do.

As a result, various feelings of anxiety arise in your mind, which can disturb you in processing things, and keep you from feeling calm and peaceful Guys!

Well, the philosophy of Stoicism can be your alternative to overcome this uncertainty.

Through this philosophy, you will learn to accept any situation in life. And focus on what you can do now. May you feel calm and peaceful amidst the uncertainties.

  • To Learn To Lead Yourself

You can also learn how to be a good leader through this philosophy of Stoicism.

What is meant by a leader here is not about organization, team, or country, but how to manage one’s own life properly. Of course before you master the life and other people Guys!

The philosophy of Stoicism also equips you to be a steadfast leader in failure, because failure is not the end.

It remains how you define what it is. This provision is also useful for all types of leaders, of course, Guys!

  • How to Sharpen the Mindset of Stoicism in Philosophy

Of course it takes time and perseverance to get used to thinking with this philosophical Stoicism mindset.

You see, it is not easy to change the habits of thinking that are already in you.

But believe me, once you get used to this mindset, a sense of peace will accompany you because of course you can manage your emotions well.

Therefore, you can get used to hone the mindset of this Stoic philosophy. Among them is through the following understanding:

  • Realizing that there is no such thing as coincidence

The philosophy of Stoicism sees the universe as a giant, interconnected web. Including events that you experience everyday, both positive and negative.

In another sense, your condition when reading this second text is the result of a long series of events. Whether it’s a “big” event to one that seems “trivial” though.

From there, you can also tell that nothing is really “coincidence.” All have their own causes and effects. This is similar to the concept of “destiny.”

The difference is that destiny involves the existence of a god in designing relationships, whereas Stoicism Philosophy emphasizes the existence of humans in this universe.

That way, you can learn to accept any bitter situation, because behind an incident there must be reasons that you may not know yet, right?

You also learn not to be overly sorry for what happened. There must be a reason why you are experiencing this.

  • Dichotomy Control

The philosopher Epictetus once said, “There are things under our (dependent) control, there are things that are not under our control (independent of) us.”

You may have heard that quote a lot on social media. But maybe you forgot to immerse yourself in Epictetus Guys quotes!

Today, that principle is called the “control dichotomy,” that there are things in life that you can control, and some you can’t control.

Therefore, you can try to distinguish which things are under your control and which are not under your control. Things you may not have control over include:

Things that may be under your control include:

Other people’s actions towards you

Opinion of others

Your reputation in the eyes of many people

Your health

Your wealth

The condition when you were born (gender, race, skin color)

Natural conditions and so on

Your judgments, opinions and perceptions of something

Desire yourself

Your destination

Everything that is your own thoughts and actions

You Can Control Happiness!

Now, Philosophy of Stoicism teaches you that true happiness can only come from things that you can control. In another sense, something that comes from within you!

Conversely, you cannot depend on your happiness on things that you cannot control, because that means you surrender your happiness to other parties or people or not?

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