Overcoming Overthinking
Overcoming Overthinking

Overcoming Overthinking

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Coping with overthinking can be one of the hardest things to do. The things that you think can vary.

Starting from thinking about something that has happened, is happening, to what will happen. Maybe it was the hurt, the shame because of the worry you had.

Usually from my experience, when overthinking, it is difficult to sleep. Then what I did to overcome the overthinking was just playing the cellphone, putting the cellphone down, and playing the cellphone again.

Maybe some of you do the same.

From my experience, overthinking can be a bad habit for you if it continues. Why? Because it deprived me of sleep.

As a result, I became unfresh in my daily life and it decreased my productivity.

Don’t worry though, you are not alone in overcoming this problem. Because usually everyone has experienced the things I mentioned earlier.

Therefore, on this occasion I will try to share ways to overcome overthinking. Want to know? Come on, read my writing!

What Is Overthinking?

Well, an example of the thing that I have described above is called overthinking, friend! Is that overthinking?

Actually there is no definite definition of this. Simply put, overthinking is a habit where a person keeps thinking about something as if there is no end. In fact, you don’t choose to do this yourself.

People who are overthinking usually think about something that has happened and will happen. This may be due to feelings of hurt, guilt, shame, anger, to worry about things to come.

This is because maybe the person is obsessed with something and worries about it. Which in turn can interfere with their quality of life.

But actually overthinking is not a disorder, you know. Overthinking is a behavior in which you repeatedly do it.

In the end, it turns into a habit that is recorded in your subconscious. Of course this can become a bad habit, so you must be able to overcome the overthinking.

Signs You Are Overthinking

After knowing what are the dangers of overthinking, can you start examining yourself, do you really have this bad habit or not? Many people underestimate this one problem.

In fact, it is important for them to know the symptoms of overthinking so that it does not interfere with their daily lives.

The first sign, you are feeling very anxious. Try asking yourself. Do you often feel very anxious about unnecessary thoughts? If so, you may have a habit of overthinking.

The second sign, you think too often about what other people say. In everyday life, this part is very difficult to avoid.

Like you definitely meet a lot of people every day. And there are some of them who commented on yourself that day. As long as the comments make yourself better, that’s okay.

But what if the comments are negative?

Now, if you feel constantly thinking about what they said, that is a sign that there is a sense of insecurity in you. Chances are you have this habit of overthinking.

The third sign, you are afraid to start something. You are afraid of making mistakes.

I don’t know because you’re afraid of being someone else’s subject, afraid of failure. Even though you don’t know whether you have failed or not.

Difficult to Overcome Overthinking, What’s the Harm?

You may often hear quotes about overthinking on social media. Like overthinking kills your happiness.

But you may not understand what the real dangers of this habit are. So what’s the harm in overthinking?

First, thinking too much about it increases your chances of a mental breakdown. There is a study that states that thinking too much about past mistakes can increase the risk of mental disorders.

Now, maybe there are some of you who still can’t accept what happened in the past.

For example, a broken heart, rejected a job, until someone you love is left behind. As a result, you may keep thinking about it. This can increase your chances of being recognized for a mental breakdown.

Second, overthinking makes it difficult for you to solve problems. Research shows that people who think too much feel that they are trying to understand and solve their problems.

Unfortunately, this overthinking seemed to interfere with their problem solving. Experimental studies show that people who think too much encourage them to rate their problems as redundant and unresolved.

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For example, maybe you overthinking when you have a problem. Say you forgot to bring something to your job while you were working.

Then you tend to think about missing things rather than looking for solutions. As a result, the problems in your mind continue to increase, not decrease.

Third, overthinking will interfere with your sleep quality. Research shows that there is a link between thinking too much anxiety and sleep quality, you know.

Because it turns out that overthinking is the main cause of someone having trouble sleeping. Well, this is certainly not good for you, friend.

Why? Because it will interfere with your sleep hours which can affect your daily productivity. So, that is why you should start working on ways to deal with overthinking.

How to Overcome Overthinking

After you know what overthinking is and its dangers and signs, maybe you will ask, “Then how do you overcome this overthinking?

I’m really tired thinking how to do it ”. You must be tired, because you keep thinking about it again and again, now I will explain the steps to overcome overthinking, let’s see!

  • Evaluate What Really Happened

You can try to evaluate what really makes you overthink. And be honest with your feelings at this stage.

It’s important to be honest with yourself at this stage. By knowing this, hopefully you can think clearly in taking the next step.

For example, suppose you are really upset thinking about your lover. Now, you can start pondering about what upsets you about your lover.

Of course you have to be honest with yourself how you really felt at that time. Hope you guys can find out what’s the point of your overthinking about him or her, guys!

  • Stories for people you trust

Try to tell the people closest to you what you really think. You can ask those who might have a problem like yours. Hopefully it can broaden your views on the thoughts and problems you have.

For example, suppose you have a problem at work that you keep thinking about.

Well, you can tell the story of your problem to someone you trust. After telling him or her, you can ask his opinion, it’s good how to solve your problem.

  • Write down your thoughts

Remember that you can’t always depend on other people. Because they may also have activities that cannot be left behind.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with trying to be a twilight child who likes to write stories. You can’t tell everything to other people, can you?

By writing, you don’t have to worry about being yourself. Because here it’s just you and your writing.

For example, you may think too much and you are confused about who to tell. Alternatively, you can start writing what you think.

You can use notes on your phone, on your laptop, to a diary if you have one. The important thing is you can channel your overthinking through positive things.

  • Focus on the same things you can control

Focus on yourself and what if you could do it. Things like: criticism from others that are not constructive, what will happen in the future, the results of your efforts on something, etc.

Are things that are beyond your control. If you think about these things, it will not affect your situation.

For example, you might think, “Do you think if I wear this outfit it will look good or not? What do other people think of my outfit today?” Well, here you can start to be very nonchalant about this.

Only with confidence in what you did that day. Do you want to think about other people’s opinions about your clothes, it will not change their perception of what you are wearing.

Why? Because people’s tastes are different for their style of dress and you can’t force them to have the same taste as you.

Once you have successfully passed the steps above, it is time for you to act! Do what you can and control now.

Focus and pursue what you dream of in the future! Don’t be sorry that you didn’t try it!

Remember that it is not always up to you to answer all the questions that are on your mind.

Think fairly and do what you can control. There are times when you just have to try your best. For the rest, allow time to answer all your worries.

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