What Happens If the Sun Disappears for One Day?
What Happens If the Sun Disappears for One Day?

What Happens If the Sun Disappears for One Day?

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What Happens If the Sun Disappears for One Day. Hello my friend! How are you today? Hopefully always healthy.

In this article, I will discuss about the sun. What might occur if the sun vanished for one day? Have you ever imagined it?

As we know, the sun is the source of life in the entire universe. So it’s not just on Earth. Other planets in the galaxy need the sun to live.

If the sun disappears, what will happen to mankind huh?

The Sun Can Disappear Very Fast

Sunlight that reaches the surface of the earth is a small particle carried by the solar wind. When the sun stops functioning, humans will not be aware of it. They can still move normally.

Only eight to nine minutes later, the sky suddenly became dark. Instantly, the Earth was enveloped in darkness.

Even though it’s daytime, humans will be able to feel the difference. After all, it’s not like the night sky.

Stars Shine Very Bright

The sun is the most splendid star in our close planetary system. So no other star can match its light. Now that the sun had disappeared, all the stars in the sky could show their light.

We on Earth will see millions of bright stars against the background of a dark sky. On the other hand, the Moon will not be visible at all because there is no more sunlight to reflect.

If the Sun disappeared, all living things would have difficulty breathing

Loss of the sun means that the plant has stopped its photosynthesis process. That is, there is no more oxygen production on Earth.

If you have this, the remaining oxygen will quickly run out and all living things will have difficulty breathing.

Chaos Goes Everywhere

Without the sun, all communication would be disrupted. In the instant the sun disappears, the world will panic because all resources, including electricity, will also die. Life gets messed up.

Earth’s Surface Freezes

The sun provides heat to keep the temperature on Earth stable. Imagine what would happen without the sun? Earth’s temperature will continue to drop, and its entire surface will become very cold.

Earth’s temperature drop in the absence of the sun can reach 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, and will continue to decrease over time.

A Very Long Endless Night

When the sun disappears during One Day, you will not know whether One Day has passed or not.

Morning will never come because there is no sunlight which indicates the day has changed. The whole world will panic out of control.

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What If the Sun Is Lost and Never Returns?

Could it be that the sun disappeared for one day and then returned to its original state? Certainly not. What may happen is that the sun will disappear and die forever.

The living things that first felt the effects of the disappearance of the sun were plants and micro-organisms. They cannot survive because they lose their source of life.

On the seventh day of the disappearance of the sun, the temperature on Earth reached -17 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, in volcanic mountainous areas, the earth’s temperature is still warm thanks to geothermal energy that prevents the soil from freezing.

Most of the animals in the world are dead, including animals that live in shallow water. Only when the sea level began to freeze did humans realize that the sun had disappeared.

Who Can Endure?

One month after the sun disappeared, most of the living things on Earth have become extinct.

But there are some that can survive, namely micro-bacteria and creatures that live in deep waters.

In the ocean located above the tectonic plate, the water temperature is still warm, so the animals in it can live normally.

At this time, the entire surface of the Earth is covered with ice.

Planet Collisions May Occur

If the sun disappears, then there will be no more gravitational force holding the planets to pass in their respective orbits.

Interplanetary collisions and asteroid strikes can occur at any time. In fact, the Earth could have been swallowed up by a giant black hole!

Conclusion :

It’s bad if the sun disappears. Fortunately, it is estimated that the age of the sun is still 5 billion years away. Wow, luckily it’s still really long.

Thus the discussion about what if the sun disappeared for one day. exciting right? If so, don’t forget to visit my other articles, because there are many other articles that are more exciting and interesting, of course!

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