Chemical Experiment: Chemical Magic Holding Fire with Fire Bubbles
Chemical Experiment: Chemical Magic Holding Fire with Fire Bubbles

Chemical Experiment: Chemical Magic Holding Fire with Fire Bubbles

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In this fun experiment I’ll try to play with fire, but it’s sure to be fun. Experimental models like this are perfect for science shows and anyone can try them out if a teacher or instructor helps them out because it’s so much fun.

Of course, things like this can also be used to increase interest in science in general and chemistry in particular.

Because here we will study and practice the combustion reaction of hydrocarbons. I named it Chemical Magic Holding Fire with Fire Bubbles.

The materials needed are :

  • Water
  • Water container
  • Lighters
  • Methane or butane gas
  • Liquid soap

Procedure :

  • Fill the water in the container
  • Give soap and towels
  • Position the gas cylinder upside down then press it until foamy
  • Take the bubbles
  • Take a match, turn on the foam or bubble

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Explanation :

  • Fill the water in the container, not too much. Because it is feared that it will need a lot of soap too, so it is redundant
  • Choose a container whose diameter is not too large which is important enough to fit the gas cylinder
  • Fill it with liquid soap, the most important choice of free liquid soap is the amount of froth or bubbles. Give just enough, you don’t need too much
  • Prepare a butane or methane gas cylinder. Choose the one that’s cheaper and easier to get.
  • Usually used to refill match gas or gas for portable stoves. Then put it upside down into the container and press until the gas comes out.
  • The gas will form bubbles and foam from the soapy water so that the gas is trapped in it.
  • Then take it by hand, and prepare a match. Then burn the foam that is in your hand. The foam will burn until it runs out and as if you are holding the fire it will even look like your hand is on fire.
  • Whereas what the fire burns is butane gas which then reacts with oxygen to form CO2 and H2O. Also called the combustion reaction, if we write down the combustion reaction of this butane gas, it is as follows: 2C4H10 + 13O2 => 8CO2 + 10H2O.
  • So don’t worry about burning your hands because what’s burning is butane gas. However, it is normal for your hands to be warm or slightly hot as the fire is very close to yours.
  • If you feel hot enough, just shake your hand to remove any butane gas residue from your hand.

ATTENTION! Since this experiment requires flammable materials, don’t be careless. Do it according to the procedure and be careful.

When lighting a fire, keep the foam or bubbles from getting too close to your face. If you are unsure, ask someone who understands the procedure and the risks.

Enjoy playing Chemical Magic Holding Fire with Fire Bubbles, friend!

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