Financial Success Will Automatic Love Relationships Succeed?
Financial Success Will Automatic Love Relationships Succeed?

Financial Success Will Automatic Love Relationships Succeed?

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You should not be lulled by the words of other people who say the old adage: collect a lot of money, a mate will come alone and you will be happy forever.

In fact, financial success is not the door to romantic success, including in terms of finding a mate, getting married, having children, and so on.

Maybe in the past it was legitimate and true because all relationships were ruled and cared for by the family.

Your job is only to find as much money as possible, after that the family who stepped in to find a mate, finished!

But at that time social controls were very tight. Divorce and separation are considered disgrace to the family and if possible don’t divorce.

So even though the relationship is tough, complicated, and full of problems, the old husband and wife will try to improve the relationship.

It is very different from now where if there are problems it is easy to file for divorce or separate and the social burden is not as heavy as before.

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That is what makes old marriages longer and more harmonious. It all seems to you because of the principle of “financial success,” but because of social controls that are stricter than they are today.

People of past centuries knew very little about love, but social control forced them to learn and adapt, as well as “cursed” divorce.

They avoided divorce as much as possible rather than embarrassed themselves and their families.

That’s why there are many stories of grandparents who are loyal to each other despite experiencing various kinds of torture, finding it difficult to find food, living in rickety homes, and being poor.

Culture emphasizes getting it done, divorce is simply not an option. The choices emphasize hold on, hold on and endure.

Meanwhile, people today who focus on financial success spoil people. It took a little trouble, gave up quickly, filed for divorce and moved on to another, more established couple!

If you have made it clear that you are only looking for money to get rich, get married, and your love relationship will automatically be happy.

It is only natural that when you are an adult, many understand nothing but making money. So if there are household problems, what will they do?

Of course they will try to solve, cover up, divert the problem with money. Is your lover angry because you lacked attention?

Maybe because he or she doesn’t have enough monthly money, so let’s collect a lot of money so he doesn’t get angry anymore.

Cheating partner? It must be because the affair is richer, so let’s collect more money so that the lover doesn’t cheat again.

Money is the solution to many problems, but money is not the solution to all problems. For example, paracetamol can indeed relieve many diseases, but you cannot use it to treat tumors and cancer.

Then if after being fed a lot of money the problem is not resolved, then just divorce. There is no activity to work together to solve problems and discuss with lovers.

In the end there is no lesson you can learn from a broken relationship. Even if you are in a new relationship, you are turning the wheel of trouble over and over again.

In fact, your parents were right when they taught you that strategy “if your life is successful financially, love will work.” It was true, but again it only happened in their day!

In the age of parents, financial stability or success becomes a milestone for harmony because there are social controls that force them to stay together.

However, in this day and age, social control has changed a lot to become less strict and there are many changes here and there.

If not careful, financial success can even become a nuisance and facilities that can stretch harmony.

This doesn’t mean you have to ignore the establishment and reject financial success. Financial management and relationship management are both interrelated.

The first funds the second, the second gives the understanding of the first. If you ignore your financial success, then you will not have the option to support romantic relationships.

However, relationships also have costs, such as living together, home care, education, and so on.

It’s just that if you and your lover only understands about money and financial success while in a relationship, then be prepared to bring your relationship closer to the brink of divorce.

If you’re lucky, you and your lover shouldn’t divorce. Just living the household life is likely to fall apart, ruining your children’s thinking and future.

They may have gone through your education thinking money or financial success is the solution for everything.

Even though you have to remember different times, different strategies that need to be done. You cannot simply take the advice of your parents and people who lived in the past.

Surprisingly, many people don’t feel the need to change their relationship strategy. “Love is that way, from the past, consistently like that!”

Truth be told, if the examples of child rearing or child rearing in current occasions are not the same as those previously, for what reason are the relationships of love considered the same as before?

This doesn’t make any sense. Both are patterns of relationships between humans and of course experience changes here and there following the dynamics that occur.

Instead of not changing, just lazy to add new knowledge about relationships with lovers.

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