Easy Ways to Practice Appreciating Your Partner
Easy Ways to Practice Appreciating Your Partner

Easy Ways to Practice Appreciating Your Lover

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Easy Ways to Practice Appreciating Your Lover. Practicing appreciation for your lover is actually very easy. No need for complicated techniques or poetic sayings.

In fact, the simpler the method, the easier it will be for you to do it. So you can do it every day so that your relationship with your lover becomes stronger.

The easiest way:

If you are a man, then a way to appreciate your partner is to gently kiss your lover’s forehead or head.

If you are a woman, then this method is enough to warm your lover from behind. It could be when he is standing with his back to you, sitting, or sleeping.

While doing so, don’t forget to say: I love you, Thank you, You’re the best, or the like. You can choose to say it clearly or silently, although it is highly recommended to say it silently.

Why do you have to say those words? Because when you say these words, your body is influenced to flow into the lover’s body. Your touch becomes slower, warmer, and firmer.

In relationships, you can’t always wait for the right moment to do something, especially when it comes to rewards.

The longer the relationship, the more you have to appreciate it regularly first, and the feelings of joy and pride will follow later.

So don’t wait when you feel amazed, surprised, helped, and so on to appreciate. Make appreciation a habit every day!

So hugging and kissing your lover while saying words of affection to your heart is one way to train your body and mind to get used to appreciating your lover.

If you want to say it out loud, it is advisable to do it after he has fallen asleep. Gently whisper your thanks or admiration for him or her.

Then, he won’t listen, then?

There’s a theory that if your partner still hears it, some won’t. Actually it doesn’t matter which one is correct, because the effect of appreciation is for oneself.

You practice getting used to respecting your lover so that you are always aware of how valuable all his or her actions are and what he or she has done for you.

Not just accepting it so that the lover is like a servant who serves the king or queen.

Your goal in practicing appreciating your lover this time is not so that he or she will feel happy and cared for.

While important, but this article is not for that purpose. That’s why from the beginning you are asked to continue saying words of affection to your heart because of its function to condition your own body and heart.

One of the main triggers for breaking up a relationship is when a person feels that they have lost feelings for their lover.

In fact, the feeling didn’t go away, his body was numb due to hormonal euphoria.

However, if you don’t understand the hormonal system in your own body, you might think it’s a sign that he’s not true love. This error is what makes many couples split up halfway.

In order not to be deceived by yourself, therefore make it a habit to respect your lover.

Hormonal euphoria may decrease as the relationship progresses. However, psychologically, the relationship between you and your lover remains close!

Of course, practicing appreciation isn’t enough to just cuddle and kiss, it’s the easiest method and can be done without much time or effort.

Another example of how to appreciate a partner: stop your activity suddenly to focus silently on your lover who is working on something, then express your appreciation silently.

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The more you are focused or busy working on something, the more you deliberately take the time to pay attention to your partner and appreciate it, the better the effect.

It trains your brain to be agile and easy to control concentration and emotions, and sensitive to digest the beauty of a lover.

Now that will only have an effect when you are angry, disappointed, and bored with your lover.

You don’t get carried away with negative emotions and easily control yourself to remember the worth.

You can use another exercise: while she or he is sleeping, touch and trace the wrinkles on his or her finger or face while remembering some ups and downs with him or her, then whisper appreciation to your lover.

Why are fingers or facial wrinkles? Because the hands are easy to hold and the face is always seen, whenever you hold hands or look at their faces, your body and heart will warm up.

Then why specifically look for wrinkles? This is just a trigger to remind you of the time travel trail of your relationship.

The longer the relationship lasts, the older you and he or she will be. Naturally, wrinkles (aka footprints) also grow. This exercise is for you to remember more and to warm up.

Do you still want to exercise again? Always take time to bathe together, soap each other, joke while playing with water.

Enjoy the moment and appreciate it when she or he rinses off the soap.

Water and soap are closely related to the metaphor of cleansing, purifying, and refreshing.

This moment is perfect for you to reflect on the values ​​he has and your relationship.

In addition, the effect of playing water also makes people feel familiar and relaxed like children again. Think of it as a bonus from reward practice.

There are still many other exercises or varying the various exercises that have been described above. The more often done, the better the effect for you.

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