Men, This Is How You Can Have Your Love Partner As You Wish
Men, This Is How You Can Have Your Love Partner As You Wish

Men, This Is How You Can Have Your Lover As You Wish

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Men, There must be times when you keep thinking about the question : How do I get the love lover I want?

I’m tired of being single! If you have a lover, great!

But if you are still single and the questions are still running in your head, let’s sit down and read this article that will change your love life.

For example, the story of my friend who was dating her lover at Mall A like any other man.

In the midst of the fun of dating, suddenly her lover craves the popular bubble drink and decides to look for it.

After half an hour of wandering and not finding him, He said to her: Let’s go to Mall B for example, it’s really close, it’s gotta be there, and we both know the place.

But the female lover insisted on staying at Mall A in the end, gave up and bought another drink.

Grumbling over her drink, in the car she grumbles about it and the things the brewer has to do to make it as good as the drink she wants.

Well! In my opinion, as a woman, This incident is a process romance for many men out there!

Men, This Is How You Can Have Your Lover As You Wish

Many men already know what kind of lover they want, but cannot find one in the social world.

However, instead of going to a hangout where the woman they want is at hand, they keep looking their way!

Then after a long period of not finding, they gave up and lowered the bar.

They also put aside the shortcomings of potential lovers and accept who is in front of them.

Those who are really ignorant are okay, those who are harassing and rude will also change later, those who are really busy are okay, even someone’s lover is allowed because he is so forced.

After dating a woman who doesn’t meet this standard, what happens?

Relationships are filled with hundreds of grievances, demands, and grievances about a lover having to be like this and that, to be who he or she wants to be.

Not infrequently, some of these complaints are scattered on social media and are read by the public.

I am sure you have read rumors of complaints about such a relationship.

If you are not in many markets, you will become romantically poor.

The wider you are, the more likely you are to find women who share your hobbies, thoughts, and maybe goals.

So get out there, especially to hang out with the woman you want. If you want like-minded partners, hang out in the community who are the most like-minded.

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If you want a lover to be entrepreneurs, approach the entrepreneurial community.

As long as you are willing to spread your wings into a relationship that works for you, you will likely find the kind of lover you want.

“But I’m so shy. I don’t know how to get along with fun, let alone have a lover,” you complained.

Yes, I really understand that for some people, making new friends is very difficult. Your forehead is sweating because you are confused about what to say.

Especially if there are women in the new community who really fit your criteria, then your sweat will become even heavier.

Your mind is divided in two:

  • On the one hand you want to return to the same old relationship.
  • On the other hand you scream that you want to hang out with new people because you don’t want to be poor in love just because of associations.

You have to choose which thoughts to think, but remember! Both have their consequences.

Choosing the former will make you feel very comfortable and relieved because you don’t have to bother adapting to a new relationship, but the risk is that you will find a partner who is below your standards.

It is true that the possibility of success in finding your ideal lover is still wide open, but not many are that lucky.


Please point to your relatives, friends and best friends who have succeeded in getting their ideal mate even though they don’t hang out anywhere, what makes you sure you can be as lucky as them?

If you choose to hang out in a lot of places, then as I said earlier, chances are that you will have a large selection of potential lovers.

Your job is only to approach them, then select them until there is a potential lover who really suits you.

The risk? You have to spend more time meeting new people, adapting to new relationships, and you have to get tired of honing your chat skills.

Because in order to hang out with new people, your chat has to be quality, not sleepy, not dry, and attractive to anyone who hears it.

Which one do you want to choose?

Your choices will affect your future. To be sure, the first option will get you nowhere.

I understand your distress because I have dozens of friends whose romances are full of scars just because they are lazy or too embarrassed to hang out.

I don’t want you to have the same fate as them.

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