Men, the Vibration of Love You Feel Will Be Useless Without Action
Men, the Vibration of Love You Feel Will Be Useless Without Action

Men, The Vibration of Love You Feel Will Be Useless Without Action

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Men, Have you ever rumbled your chest when you passed a woman you really liked? And you think it’s a love vibe? Have you ever stuttered while talking to the woman you targeted for a long time?

Have your hands ever trembled violently when you were about to greet a beautiful woman who was incredibly beautiful as if jumping from Photoshop?

Of course you have, Especially if your activities are still circling in an environment full of people such as offices and campuses.

Unless you’ve been locked up tightly in prison for decades and haven’t seen a woman, you’ll never feel that tense feeling.

The tension that manifests in cold sweat, trembling hands, and intermittent speech when meeting someone he likes, is often seen as the vibrations of love – the kind of vibration that suddenly appears when meeting a potential mate.

Men, The Vibration of Love You Feel Will Be Useless Without Action

Some people even believe that the vibration is a sign that Cupid’s arrow, aka the god of love, has stuck in your chest. Is that true?

As modern-minded beings, it is clear that we must put Cupid’s existence aside. If he did exist, why should he wear a sign of troublesome tension?

Why doesn’t the heart-shaped light flicker across the chest? Why not a big sign that says SHE IS YOUR LOVER!, To make it more convincing?

According to cardiac electrophysiologists, tension arises because the body experiences physiological arousal when it sees the person it likes.

The brain produces a large amount of the hormone adrenaline so that the heart beats faster. It’s what makes your chest pound, headaches, a word, and your hands tremble like cold.

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So the sensation of love is not because of the nosy god’s love arrow stuck to your chest, but because of your passion! Even so, only you feel the vibrations of love, the person you like obviously doesn’t feel anything.

It may be strange for her to see you repeatedly wiping the sweat from your forehead and rambling on.

After reading the explanation above, the vibrations of love are only limited to the body’s reaction to liking someone.

If you just keep quiet and admire the person you like, the vibrations of love are useless. It can even torture you because you have to be tense when you meet her.

However, with a little courage, you can take advantage of the thrill of love to end your long single season.

Let’s say you like someone who makes your heart beat fast. This person could be a friend at work, a neighbor next door, or maybe you see her when she’s at the mall alone.

When your brain screams: “Wow, she’s my dream! Activate the love vibes! “That’s when you dare to greet her.

Whether she knows you or not, saying hello is the first step to making her fall in love (obviously you want her to fall in love too, right?).

How could it be? Just looking at it makes you nervous, let alone chat, (you complain to me with sad face emoticons).

That’s the only way to relax the nerves in your head. The more you hold back from talking to her, the more tense your mind will become until he drifts off into dreamland.

Do you want to be tortured like that? Immersed in a beautiful fantasy can go hand in hand with it?

Lucky for you, today I’m going to talk about how to talk to women. Not only small talk, but fun and great chat!

Did you know that 90% of the problems a guy has difficulty chatting with his ideal woman are due to illusions coming out of his mind?

The illusion can be in the form of shadows walking together with her, sitting together to joke with one another, or extreme – old together until the end of life. The same illusion had you seizure before.

Not only does it produce beautiful illusions, your brain also creates painful illusions. What if he refuses when you meet her?

What if the topic you brought up sounded sharp in her ear? What if she runs off thinking that you are a hypnotist? How about this? How about that?

Imagine the hassle in your mind just to chat with her! Naturally, you frown when you meet her.

The quickest and most effective way to reduce this illusion is to force yourself to interact with as many other women as possible.

Luckily if you are in a neighborhood with lots of women, you can hone your mentally by talking to them. It’s much easier if they know you already.

You don’t have to be nervous because they are not your target women.

However, if your environment is dry without women, you will inevitably have to look outside for yourself. Put on the right shirt, do your hair, heat up your motorbike or car, and drive straight to where lots of beautiful women hang out. Take your pick to go to a busy mall or cafe.

If you have met a woman who seems attractive to you, what should you do? “Obviously, get her to chat!”

Of course your heart immediately jumps here and there. “to chat? Seriously!”

Hey, you don’t have to be nervous because that woman is not your crush. Even if he refuses, you can excuse yourself right away. So you are not shy about prolonged.

Here are Two super steps you should take so that you are not just nervous:

Take an Instant, Thinking Approach

If you just stand still, the illusion of rejection will sink deeper into your mind.

The only way to block it is to get close to the target, saying, “Hey, wait a minute, I need your opinion. Do what you think (enter the topic you want to say) ”and see what happens.

Most likely, she will be surprised by your approach. However, if you are well dressed and the topic is interesting, she will be more than happy to answer your questions.

There’s even a chance that he might just give you her phone number and ask you to accompany her on the road right away.

All the magic that you can feel yourself if you dare to ask an acquaintance without thinking.

Attractive Intro Makes Her Interested

Get rid of boring intros like “Hey, can I meet you?” or “All alone, where are your friends?” because all you will get is a cynical gaze and pouty lips from her.

Women, especially beautiful ones, have received such intros from other men a million times.

Imagine you are a beautiful woman who is invited to meet every day with the intro above, do you immediately open your heart to that person? Most likely not.

Both intros can work if you:

  1. Wear it between 1980-1990.
  2. You are very handsome.
  3. You are a famous actor or artist.

If you don’t fulfill the 3 points above, discard the intro. So it would be cool if you use an intro that is heavier than the old intro above. Example:

“Forgive me. It’s my first time visiting (the name of your city now) so I’m still confused about finding a good place to eat. Do you have any recommendations? “

“Wow, sorry, last night I dreamed that my salary would be deducted if I didn’t know any girl. Introduce me (your name). Your name?”

“Hi, you look cute. I’ll go to hell if I don’t know your name. My name is (your name). Your name is … hmmm, Kelly, right?”

“Emm, I want to ask this. Do you think it strange if a boy suddenly invites a beautiful girl next to her?”

See? Intro acquaintances carry more weight and have the potential to elicit laughter than outdated and overused intros. Trust me, if you can laugh together, then the nervousness that has hit you will run away.

In fact, you can become addicted to talking to foreign women again, again, and again.

When you get used to talking to lots of girls, go back to the person you like and try talking to her.

The vibrations of love are still there, but make you dare to have fun chatting with her, dare to joke with her, even dare to ask her out.

Your love’s vibrations are so useless. It’s so much better than just sitting around fantasizing that you’ll live together until the end of your life.

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