How To Start A Relationship And What Only Independent Women Do With their Partners
How To Start A Relationship And What Only Independent Women Do With their Partners

How To Start A Relationship And What Only Independent Women Do With their Lovers

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How to Start A Relationship As An Independent Woman. Hi Ladies, if you are an independent woman, you should be proud of yourself. You can be successful without having to depend on other people. You can get what you want yourself.

As an independent woman, you may be putting your relationships aside because you want to pursue a career or ambition.

And the word weak is simply not in your dictionary because in your pursuit of success, you can’t be weepy and always have to be tough.

How To Start A Relationship

Now, when you’re used to being tough and independent, when you’re about to start a relationship with someone, you’re afraid that your partner won’t like both of you.

However, if you depend on your lover, it will violate your principles as an independent woman.

In a healthy relationship, you and your lover need to be strong and support each other. Here’s what you should know about starting a relationship as an independent woman:

Don’t be too picky

Choosing a qualified man is not seen from his facial structure or position in the office.

Throwing out the long list of ideal men doesn’t mean reducing your standards. Start by finding a lover with whom you can share your views on life and support one another.

You are Allowed to Be Fragile

Just because you’re a tough woman, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be vulnerable in front of your lover.

Showing your emotions won’t make you look weak to your lover. Allow yourself to feel the emotions you feel.

You have the right to express your feelings freely to anyone. By doing so, you allow yourself to open your heart to others.

Being a receiver doesn’t mean being spoiled

Independence prohibits you from receiving affection from your lover. If you keep resisting affection, your lover will get tired of trying to connect with you.

Letting your lover take care of you every now and then doesn’t mean you turn into a clingy woman who is spoiled. Learning to receive love from a lover does not mean stopping being an independent woman.

Hi Ladies, men will be very lucky if you get an independent woman like you.

A good lover will always respect you without diminishing your spirit of independence. Therefore, dare to open your heart to others!

Relationship Attitudes Only Independent Women Do Toward Their Lovers

How To Start A Relationship. Hi Ladies, who says independent women are troublesome and only dwarf their lovers? Indeed, there are independent women who feel that they are better than their lovers, but not all of them.

Quality independent women actually want equality in relationships rather than be better than their lovers.

Therefore, if you think that being an independent woman will make a man stay away, it means that the men around you are lossy men who cannot identify with their lovers.

When you become an independent woman in a relationship, it will definitely feel much different. You choose your lover not because you can depend on your lover, but because you know he is your equal to build a balanced relationship.

Here are some special treatments for your lover from you as an independent woman :

You Always Make a Balanced Contribution as Given in the Relationship

Because you want equality, you want to make a balanced contribution to the relationship. For example, if he pays you for dinner, you will definitely pay for his ticket.

If he cooks, you will wash the dishes. No matter what type of relationship there is, an independent woman always makes sure he makes a contribution and encourages her partner to give the same in the relationship.

You also have other activities to take care of, so you don’t get carried away in a relationship

How To Start A Relationship. Don’t expect an independent woman like you to be pampered and attached to your lover. Right now, maybe you have a career or an education that is being pursued.

You also want to take up hobbies, hang out with friends, and take care of your family. Your life is always filled with productive activities.

You are fully aware that human life does not have to focus solely on relationships.

You also want your lover to have the same activities so that you can still be a complete person even though you are already paired.

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The maturity of your lover can be judged from this. If he can appreciate your busy life, you will definitely dedicate your time especially to him.

But if not, you will not hesitate to break up with him.

You Will Tell Your Limitations and What You Can or Can’t Do in the Relationship

Early in the relationship, you will tell yourself in no uncertain terms how you want to be treated and what kind of treatment you don’t like from your lover.

If you don’t like being detained, yelled at, or mistreated for, then you will. You will not play with the code and immediately express your wish which aims to improve the quality of the relationship.

And of course, you also want to know your lover’s boundaries too. Don’t you dare say? this is one of the fatal mistakes that women often make.

You Will Ask Your Lover to Discuss Your Sexual Preferences

Independent women certainly want to be respected by their lovers, and you also want to respect your lover in the same way.

Hence, you invite your lover to discuss your sexual preferences. You will tell you when you want to have sex, what you like and don’t like about sex, then ask your lover to respect your boundaries and preferences.

When your lover also shares his preferences, you want the two of you to be able to make each other feel comfortable and have sex with balanced, compulsive satisfaction.

You also want to be treated as a feminine woman without being embarrassed by your lover

As independent as women, they still want to be led by men. Independent women do not mind being rewarded, seduced, pampered, opened up by their lovers, or even caring for children as long as they are respected and not humiliated.

You want your lover to know that you are not a weak woman and can be treated casually.

When you allow yourself to be treated sweetly by him and are willing to do household chores, you do so out of respect, love, and affection for your lover.

You Invite Your Lovers to Discuss Financial Matters Together

In financial matters, independent women want openness to each other.

You realize that your lover is obliged to support his family, but independent women like you also want to cooperate on finances.

That’s why you make sure all your expenses are the result of a fair, unbiased bargain.

You want clear goals for your relationship

You don’t want to just get involved in the relationship, because you also have clear goals for the relationship you are in.

If you don’t want to get married, then you don’t want to be forced by your lover.

You want to make sure you have relationship goals aligned before entering a relationship. Therefore, you prefer to build relationships that are based on honest, open and respectful communication.

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